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Fairy Tail Love Mix #2

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So this story iris partly true if you are uptodate with the Fairy Tail manga! But if you are not then this going to be a ride of spoilers! For those people who don't want me to run the story for them then I'd stop reading this and don't read the story 👌🏼!

You still there?... Oh guessing you want the spoilers then xD well so far they got the guild back together but in doing so there's a price to pay and a war begins between fairy tail and, (You can find out who) Natsu straight after battling his brother (Guess what? You can find out who that is as wel!) Collapses and get taken to Lucy and the doc and others by happy. (The manga has stopped right now so this is what could happen) trust me
things are gonna get juicy! 😏😎😘👌🏼

I sat there. Staring at his motionless body rapped in blankets on the rock hard floor. Gray and Juvia sat beside me holding back tears. Even gray.. Me? I wasn't crying, not one bit.. I was angry! Whoever did this to him will pay!
I could feel the anger boil inside me and I could tell it's going to be a rough time. Everyone was injured in some way but we didn't care, right now our biggest problem was Natsu. We decided to camp in a small 3 room windowless home, no decorations or heating and especially no soft carpet and beds.
We spent what must of been hours watching the doc examine Natsu. Who was still motionless. With what we had (which wasn't much) we had no clue what it could be. For all we knew it could be something inside him... which we wouldn't able to help.

Every time I thought of something bad I would burst into tears and happy would try to calm me down again. It was so painful to watch the once ecstatic boy be so.. Still... It was as if he wasn't breathing most of the time. Although I made sure he was by checking every minute. Yes. EVERY minute. And I was determined to not miss even one second off of a minute. This would have to be the saddest I've Beverly been... Sadder then when I lost mum..
I took a deep breath, keeping my tears back. I would have never thought I'd lose someone like Natsu on this battle field.
I would often pace around the room, back and forth, back and forth until I got dizzy or Gray told me to stop pacing around and to sit down.

I hadn't slept in two days since Natsu fell 'asleep.' although that's what I call it... as I don't want to face reality.

"Get some sleep Luce" Gray Wispered as he sat down beside me against the stone cold wall behind us.

Tears filled my eyes with ever thought that popped into my head.
"Natsu would say that... Gray.. Natsu will wake up won't he?.."

I peered up at gray who's eyes were almost on their breaking point.

"Yea.. He will... I promise.." He looked down at me again "You really care for him don't you? You love him don't you?"

My eyes widened with his words... I love Natsu...

"Y-Yea.. I do" I whispered back.

"When Natsu wakes up, you should tell him..."

I nodded and shorty after fell asleep.. What happened after during that night is a mystery but all I cared about was that Natsu was still breathing when my eyes met dawn light.

"Another day... Another challenge.. Another friend... Another tear... A new light."

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