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Late night meeting(A BBRAE fic)

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Raven and Beast Boy run into each other at titans tower in the middle of the night. Probably not what you would expect to happen.

Dear Readers,

Hello, Komodo Dragon here. This is my first published fan fiction. YAY!
The ending is kind of rushed, but the than that I think it's ok ish😅

Komodo Dragon 🐉


It was a normal day at teen titan tower. Well, night. At least that's what Robin, Cyborg, and Star Fire would consider. But as for Beast boy and Raven, not so much.

Because of Beast Boy's animal instincts, he woke with the sun. And Raven? She can't sleep for more than four hours at a time.

So, it was inevitable that one day they would bump into each other (not literally).

Raven walked into the main room with the intent of making herbal tea. She was met with a sight that was definitely not normal.

"Beast Boy, are you…reading?"

He turned around, not at all startled by her presence.

"Yeah! The new issue of Kung Fu Cows just came out, " he said, while waving a comic in the air.

'I should have known, a graphic novel' thought Raven

The whole time Raven sat there, drinking her tea, with Beast Boy, reading his comic, Beast Boy never said a word.

Yet, Raven could have sworn he never turned the page…

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986 days ago
nice start u need 2 add more
1079 days ago
thats it?! you need to add more!!!!!