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Yugioh Would You Rather The Story

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Have you played my games of the Yugioh would you rather on this website? Then you’re in for a treat! I decided to make a story version of the events, so you can learn the backstory of the REAL Yugioh Would You Rather

Hi. You know me as X. But my real name is Xavier. And if I were in the Yugioh world, this is how Yugioh Would You Rather was created.
It began shortly after the KaibaCorp Grand Championship. Yugi was back to school with his friends. I had joined as a new student. Everyone was excited to talk to me, even the king of games himself.
“Hey, you’re Yugi, right?” I asked. “I saw you in the Grand Championship. It’s cause of you that the rival ship of the Kaibas and the Schroeders is over.”
“Oh, thanks.” Yugi chuckled. “It’s been a long time since someone congratulated me other the whole king of games. Are you a duelist too?”
“Yep!” Then I kind of blushed wildly. “Hey yugi, I have an idea! Do you, err, want to appear in a special would you rather starring Yugioh?”
“Yeah!” Yugi cheered. Then he looked at me. “What’s your name?”
“X.” I told Yugi.

“Call me X.”

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1766 days ago
Thanks for listening to MY origins of Yugioh Would You Rather