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TigerS & Robin -Part 2

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TigerS and Robin are trapped in a warehouse, in the hands of the Joker! A bomb has been set and the heroes are struggling. Will they escape?

    The Joker let out another mad laugh. It echoed through the room. The sharp tone cut through TigerS like daggers. The feeling of failure was agonizing. She glanced at her partner, Robin. “I’m so sorry Robin.” Robin looked surprised. “You’re sorry, this isn’t your fault!” “It is, my first mystery and I get you captured.” She closed her eyes. “This was a team effort, we failed, together.” Robin smiled sympathetically at his co-worker, his friend. TigerS smiled back. Suddenly the Joker got up dramatically, smiling viciously. “Anyway, it’s been fun kids, but I have other matters to attend to. Hey, have you kiddies learned how to count yet? I’ll teach you.” Then he threw a blood-red stick of dynamite, towards them. It barely missed and instead hit the back of the shed. The area around it exploded. The sound was deafening. The heroes flinched at the sight. “That’s one!” He threw a second dynamite stick, this time at the left side of the warehouse. It exploded loudly. “Two.” The Joker continued, throwing another at the right side. “Tears sparkled in TigerS’s eyes as the third exploded. “Than three.” “Let’s see if you can guess the next number?” The two heroes remained silent. Their hearts beating rapidly. Robin’s eyes searching madly for a way of escape. “Let’s see if you can figure it out by the time this explodes!” Then the Joker set a bomb on the remaining wall of the shed. “Anyway, I better go, ta ta. The Joker walked out the door, cackling with his henchmen. TigerS, breathing heavily, felt a sudden determination cloud her mind. She began moving, in any way she could. Hoping she would break the ropes, or break out of it. Sweat glistened on her forehead as she gasped for air. “Stop.” Robin whispered. She ignored him. “Stop.” He repeated, only more forcefully. He was once again ignored. “Just stop, there’s no use!” Robin shouted. “No, I won’t give up!” TigerS screamed back, she was now on the verge of tears. Robin sighed. “I’m not giving up, what your doing won’t work, it’s impossible.” TigerS stopped struggling and covered her eyes with her hands. Robin smiled then said. “The most important part of being a hero is to know when your plan isn’t working and to change tactics. TigerS stared at Robin. He gestured his head towards the left corner. A narrow hole was carved into it. That was their way out! “But how are we going to get out of these?” TigerS said as she rolled her eyes. The handcuffs still bind them tightly to the ground. Both their wrists, hands, ankles, and feet were helplessly stuck. If the bomb didn’t kill them, they’d starve anyway. “Easy.” Robin grinned and used his teeth to take a key out of his pocket. Next, he inserted the key into the keyhole of the handcuffs on his hands, turned it and it opened, with a click. Letting the key drop from his mouth to the floor. He used his freed hands to break the handcuffs on his ankles. TigerS sat there, stunned. “How’d you, I mean you.” She shuddered. “I’ve been captured a few times.” He winked at TigerS. She smiled then laughed. “Let’s get out of here.” Robin said offering a hand. She took it, still amazed. They rushed over to their one hope of escape. “It’s narrow.” “We can do it.” Robin didn’t hesitate before climbing headfirst through the hole. “You’re insane.” She called. “Thank you, now can you stop complaining and let me save your life.” Robin grinned. “I’ll let you if you really want to.” TigerS joked. Robin chuckled. Suddenly, TigerS turned to see the bomb, with exactly 30 seconds till it goes off. “30 seconds!” She practically screamed at Robin. “Come on!” He replied and for the first time since she’d met him, he looked anxious. She threw herself inside the hole. They climbed as fast as they could go. Finally, Robin made it to the other side. “Give me your hand.” TigerS grabbed his sweating hand violently. He pulled her out and she landed on the cold concrete. With one glance, TigerS and Robin sprinted east, their breaths sharp and heavy, their legs burning. Suddenly ‘KABOOM!’ Sparks flew in every direction as smoke drifted onto the now gasping heroes. Coughing, they finally reached safe ground. Once recovered, they shared a stare, then a giggle. Soon, the two 15-year-olds were laughing uncontrollably. They were alive, they escaped. “Good job, spotting the bomb. We might not be alive if you didn’t lookout for it.” Robin smiled, running his hands through his ebony hair. “Thanks. You were amazing, I was seriously impressed.” TigerS replied, blushing slightly. “Thanks.” The two were fidgeting nervously until finally, Robin spoke up. “Do you want to, go get some lunch or something?” He finished, once again running his hands through his hair. “I would love that.” TigerS grinned. He grinned back and the heroes of Gotham walked into the distance. Still smiling.

    The End

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719 days ago
good book!!!! I really like it!!!!!!!