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Pokemon White RPG thing.

5 Chapter - 543 Words - Developed by:
- Developed on: - 1,078 taken- The story is completed

You were exploring the Unova region while you found an awkward split in the wall. Since you were exploring, you entered and released your Liepard because why not? In the split, you found Victini in there. You thought about why releasing the Liepard was a bad idea, realizing that it was the only Pokémon in your party that could do good against a Victini. Your Emboar was lvl 100 with 1 hp. The sunlight was harsh in the weather, so you decided to run out of the hidden grotto.

After that, you needed a rock type, so, you pulled out your wonder trade Gigalith from the PC. Then, you entered the hidden grotto. 'The Gigalith wants to go back to Joe!' Ok, so Joe needs to know about what happened.

Tomorrow, You told Joe about it. He said that his sister, Seliina, hacked that file. So the Gigalith thought you were a hacker.
"Oh, ok."
"My sister would hack her game a lot."
You: Ok, thanks Joe.

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aww thx :3 do u wanna challenge
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Its a shame noone likes this