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Dance Of The Androids [ A Vocaloid Tale ]

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Vocaloids/Boakaloids/Utauloids Story. I wasn't bothered learning how to make MMDs so feel free to make one about this series

Chapter One
Miku's Hero, The silver haired boy!

Miku strut across the street a bag full of leeks in her hand. She let out a sigh. ``Thank goodness…I finally finished shopping!`` Miku was absolutely exhausted as she had to deal with a 5 metre long cue to the cash register. ``I wonder what Rin and Neru are doing.. Perhaps I should--`` She was interrupted as she felt a sudden strike of pain. Thugs. ``This girl is crazy! Leeks are disgusting! Well, at least she has some cash on her.`` Miku got up again her eyes glowing with fury as rage was building up inside of her. ``Leeks..Th-They're NOT disgusting! How dare you!`` But she fell to the ground again her leg was badly bruised at the thugs attack. ``Stay down Leek Freak.`` He narrowed his eyes as he grabbed her wallet. ``H-Hey! Give that back, hats my hard earned money!``

``It's mine now.`` The thug chuckled as he got up… Is there no hero in this? No? Oh wait.. There he is!
A silver haired boy stood in front of the thug. ``…Stealing is against the law…You know that right?`` The thug looked down at him. ``What are you gonna do pipsqueak?`` He laughed. ``Put me in jai---`` The thug (I can't think of anything..I'll use Robber next) fell onto the floor with a thud. Miku gazed up at her 'hero'.

``T-Thank you for saving me, what's your name?`` She asked politely as she picked up her wallet and bag of spilled leeks.
``It wasn't my intention to save you. I just hate people like them.`` He replied walking away.

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