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TigerS & Robin-Part 1

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Avella Skies has just become a hero. The determined, strong, and intelligent TigerS. As she is patrolling Gotham with Robin. They spot a man and a woman, each with a crate. Will they solve the mystery?

    The sky was pitch black with darkness, the rain was pouring relentlessly but Gotham City was safe. As Avella Skies watched over it, Richard Grayson by her side. A crash of thunder echoed through the city. Robin turned to his new partner. “TigerS, there’s someone over there.” TigerS looked in the direction he was pointing. He was right, someone was there. It was a man and he was carrying a large crate. A woman appeared from behind the alleyway, holding another crate. She whispers something to him, then they creeped suspiciously into the alleyway and out of sight. TigerS turned back to Robin. “That looks very suspicious.” “Let’s follow them.” Robin replied leaping off the top of the building they were standing on. TigerS followed. Using their grabbing hooks, they swung to the glassed building overlooking the alleyway. TigerS was a tall, blonde haired, green eyed teenager. Her costume was decorated with black and orange stripes. A mask covered her eyes, which was also decorated with black and orange. Like Robin, she was very acrobatic and determined. Every day she would train and practice to become a better hero. She had joined Robin only last week for patrol. Actually, she had only been a superhero for a couple of weeks! She didn’t have any powers. Which was one of the reasons she patrolled with Robin. He could teach her so much about living up to her full potential. Finally, they spotted the people with the crate. The woman whispered one more thing to the man before getting into a van parked opposite her. The man did the same, first loading his crate into the back. TigerS looked closer into the window of the van. A third person was driving. The van sped off west. TigerS, determined to catch up leaped off west. “Hey wait,” Robin said and was soon following her. They eventually followed the van to a small warehouse, located next to a stream and tall mountains. The two men and the woman got out of the van, grabbed the crates, and rushed inside. TigerS could hear the woman whisper. “Quiet Zail, we don’t need the whole world to know what we stole!” “I’m not the one being loud Kate!” The man hissed back. They entered the warehouse, locking the door behind them. TigerS sprinted towards the warehouse but Robin held her back. “What are you doing, there inside!” Robin let go of her and said. “You don’t know what’s in there, it’s obvious they’re working for someone. That someone could be dangerous, well for you.” He finished grinning. “Haha.” TigerS couldn’t help but smile. Suddenly Robin stared seriously at the number plate of the van. TigerS followed Robin as he roamed around the van, obviously in search of clues. “This number plate.” The number plate read JEKRO. “Wait, the number plate has all the letters, to spell Joker.” TigerS said, thinking. Robin crossed his arms. “Yeah.” “Do you think he’s the one the people are delivering the crates to?” “Possibly.” Suddenly faint voices filled the air. “Come on,” Robin whispered and the two crouched silently on the wall of the warehouse. The two men and the woman came out, the crates they were holding now seemed light and empty. They all got into the van and drove back the way they came. “Can we go in now?” TigerS grinned. “Yes.” Robin used his birdarangs to cut through the locked door. They dashed in to find The Joker, sitting on a chair, surrounded by jewels and priceless objects. “Joker, I knew it!” Robin cried. “And I knew of you boy blunder and your little friend too.” He let out an echoing laugh as ropes tied TigerS and Robin to the ground. “No!” She screamed. “Oh hello guys, back already?” Joker said. The heroes turned to see the two men and the woman walk through the door. “You tricked us!” Robin cried. “Oh yes and you fell for it.” Joker replied with a sinister grin.

    To be continued.......

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447 days ago
good book!!!! I really like it!!!!!!!