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Sarah Pumpingstin

5 Chapter - 2.820 Words - Developed by:
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Sarah is a girl who is always having problems with her friends. Will she ever be happy?

ps. this is only a little of it.


Once upon a time, in 2005, there was a girl named Sarah Pumpingstin who was 3 years old. on the 5th day of preschool, she met 2 friends named Mallie and Susan. When she 4 years she skipped kindergarten and reached 3rd grade.
Then on 8/1/ 10 she found out she was going to a public school! it was Blue Rock. Mallie went to Teal Rock. Susan went to Orange Oak. On 8/29/09 she was nervous. What if she couldn’t find her classroom?

A teacher helped her find her portable . When she got there Mrs.Sewalot was standing next to a girl. ‘’Hi, Sarah. This is Ann. Ann, this is Sarah.’’’ ‘want to play?’’ asked Ann ‘sure’’ said Sarah.
A week later, they decided to be best friends.
‘Then the trouble started. Sarah met a friend named Elisabeth. Ann and Elisabeth are neighbors. Then the real trouble
started when Ann said ’’Oh, Elisabeth, you are just like my BEST friend Allie in Alaska. ‘’ Boy was SARAH MAD! In a week she forgot, though. Then she met Jordan. One day Elisabeth and Ann both sat with Jordan. Sarah was real angry. `
She would not talk to them for a day.
In January, they were sitting in seat 10 and Elisabeth wouldn’t let Sarah tell Ann rule #2 and#3 for being a COOL kid and Sarah got mad at Elisabeth, but when she figured out Ann was madder at her then she was at ELISABETH Sarah & Elisabeth decided to be best friends. But they would often get into fights so Sarah decided to be Ann’s best friend again. But Elisabeth didn’t understand. She thought Sarah still wanted to be her best friend still.
One day Elisabeth said ‘‘why did you throw a chip in my shoe?’’’’I didn’t’‘ Sarah said. Sarah was telling the truth. At recess Sarah told Ann about the chip. Ann believed Sarah. That recess they dug a big hole in sandbox.

The next day, at second recess, Elisabeth grabbed her hood, pulled it, then ran in circles around her. ‘‘STOP,"STOP" yelled Sarah. When she got enough breath to talk, she said,’‘YOU COULD HAVE KILLED ME’‘ ."sorry." Elisabeth said. Then Ann was throwing
sand and a clump landed in Sarah’s eye.
The next day, right before lunch, Mrs. Measles
read a story. it was have you filled a bucket today? Now if someone was annoying her all she had to do is say you are emptying my bucket. On tuesday-what Sarah? you want to tell the story? OK. so on#1 bus ride Jordan asked if she could play dragons too. "sure’’ I said At last
recess they collected WORMS. On the bus ride#2 Elisabeth &Ann were playing with worm.

i said stop . i wrote stop .she wrote meanie. i wrote mean. she got mad. i got mad.
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the next day
went like any other day .Elisabeth made funny faces, and we got in trouble page 1
because of her. The good news is I could sit with ‘just Ann’ because she got picked up.

thursday was a bad day. On bus ride#2
Elisabeth and Ann would not sit
with me. That broke my heart.

yay! yay! yay! yay! yay! yay! yay!
I went to the dentist's office. I got to school at snack time. on bus ride#2 i sat with
emma and Elisa(beth). we wrote silly
notes to ann.
on monday right before library. Deven was calling quiet tables to line up. Haily, elisa(beth), ally were talking and I was quiet. i started crying. by the time we got to library, i
couldn't talk.
Deven told mrs.sewalot i was sad. when she figured out i could not talk she asked me to write it on paper. it said: because my hole table was talking and i was quiet.’’ok,’‘said mrs.sewalot.’’do you want a drink? She asked.I nodded my head. at library Sally kept asking
me’‘why were you sad?’‘i said what was on the paper(it is written in chalkboard letters).she was real nice and. she wasn't really bossy for once in her life. on bus ride#2 i sat with grace and Lynda and we played i lost my memory.
on monday, June 1 bus ride 1, Ann and Elisabeth were being mean to me by copying me when i said not to.

in line after bathroom, Andrew told me ’‘Nianna and Sally are teasing your brother. I didn’t want to tell you because you might get sad.’’ ‘’ok’’ I said i thought of stuff to do.when i got home i wrote some notes.the next day i gave people the notes.on june 2 people hated me.sophie.h and alie shared candy.people cut me in line .nobody would play with me.
on friday, june 3 i said to Elisabeth and ann ’’i want to sit with just ann.’’ do you know what she did? she said ‘‘ann sit with grace.”And ann fell for it! even though I told her no.on monday, june 6 i sat with lynda and ann.

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Great story!!!😃.