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My true Story

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Tina and Kyla and in love with the same boy, Qualmain. Qualms, short for Qualmain, seems to like them both, but sometimes seems to like the other better than the other. Tina and Kyla have been best friends since three years old, now in seventh grade and crushing on the same boy. They are handling the problem well, for now. Can the friendship last forever? Or will one have to step down from Qualm son's heart?

    Kyla's side of the story

    I, Kyla Vitorooto love Qualmain Hungs. He likes me and Aldon my best friend, Tina. I think I am very ugly, and that Tina will end up dating him. Tina says she is jealous of me, because of my long dirty Blonde hair, because of my good grades, and because I am popular. Tina more like a sidekick to every popular kid. She doesn't play outside like everyone else. She just sits in the house, stalking us while we play. The little kids call her THE STALK!, while we call her TINA. I love This from the bottom of my heart, but I wish I could help her, so so much.

    Tina's Side of the story
    This is Tina Larson. I am in love with Qualmain Hungs. He touches my hair, makes me laugh, and playfully teases me. Bad news is, my bff Kyla loves him too. It's no competition though. We both respect each other’s time with him. I always feel like Kyla and Qualmain are soda and a can. He tickled her feet today, stares at her, and he hugs her! He doesn't do that to me! All he does is play with my hair and trip me, unwilling to do it. Oh, and I remember when he touch my legs. It was so, so romantic. Anyways, I'm totally worried about Qualms in and Kyla. I mean, she gets all the boys! I'm ugly, with big lips, big glasses, yellow whitish teeth, and an ugly smile. I wish I went so ugly. My parents just choose the wrong face to mice with the others face.

    Qualmain's a side of the story
    These two girls, Tina and Kyla, are in love with me. I can tell that they are best friends. I like Tina a bit, but I absolutely love and adore Kyla. She's so pretty, even with those zits on her forehead. Tina isn't so bad... she is very nice. The one thing that bothers me is that she wants to date me and so does Kyla. I want to date Kyla more than that ugly freak, Tina. Not that I don't like Tina, it’s just that Tina isn't cool, pretty, or dancing. She's all quiet and shy, so boring. I really wanna date Kyla, but I don't want to ruin Tina and Kyla's friendship and I don't want Tina to be heartbroken. Tinais a big distraction. I have Tina's whole schedule, because then school changed it. Tina is always staring at me...it’s so creepy. I hope she will come to her senses that I like Kyla, not her!

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146 days ago
hmmmm none of them are ever long
684 days ago
You seem depressed. Use this: https://www.allthetests.com/quiz38/quiz/1618847019/A-safe-place-for-venting
835 days ago
Hey if any of you guys here like writing we have a writing club through this website!

864 days ago
My name is Tina and this is interesting...
1311 days ago
I love this! People should make more of these!