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Hi, I'm ᏕᏁᎧᏇ and this is my club. I started it with my BFF Zoe. This club is girls only but I will make a version for boys. Come in and read my post!:)

    Hi, my name is ᏕᏁᎧᏇ and this is my BFF Club which I started with my Best Friend, Zoe. This club is for girls only but I will make a club for boys and a 'Random Club' where anyone can go in and tell us what their hobbies are and why they like them. This is a special club where you can spill about ANYTHING. Please don't be shy.:)

    If you swear or have mean behavior then you will not be able to join. Words like 'stupid' or 'jerk' are not swearing as long as you don't call anyone in the club, 'A stupid jerk'. I hope you understand!:)

    Every few days I will bring up a topic and you can share your thoughts on it.

    Anyone is welcome to join. If you have a question we will be able to answer it. Zoe and I hope you enjoy being part of my BFF Club!:)


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1261 days ago
Hey I found you guys again! Thanks Addyncik
1262 days ago
Hiellooooooooooooo Quizyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!
1262 days ago
1268 days ago
1268 days ago
hey guys, check out the Love Yourself club;D
1280 days ago
Hi NHYT and Kaity!
1289 days ago
NEVEAH!!! IM SO SORRY FOR ABANDONING YOU!!! i use quotev now and my username is MeridaIvyGalaxy its free and a website
1292 days ago
I’m backkkkkk from busy life because it’s the March holidays and I don’t need to go to school, whoop whooppp, ahahahaha
I’ve checked out most of you guys quizzes and commented—do check out my comment!!;D
1311 days ago
I read part of it on here, and to be completely honest, my parents probably would not want me reading it cuz of...how do I put it... one of the elements in the book. I'm happy for u, tho!!!!
1312 days ago
Ahahahahhaa...r u guys interested in reading it?
1317 days ago
1319 days ago
NHYT that's greatttttttttttttttttttttt cooooollllllll
1319 days ago
COOL NHYT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Also... anyone seen the quiz by "143"? There's another, that's not by her
1320 days ago
I’ve been so busy lately... that i’ve got no time to visit here... sigh... and i’m sorry....
But guys, i managed to publish my books!!!!!!!!
1341 days ago
Guyyyyyyyssssssssssssss did you allllllllll llleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaavvvvvvvvvvvvvvve eeeeeeee???????????
1356 days ago
IDK if this is the same story or a new one, but purple ostriches
1364 days ago
So are we still doing this story? Or did we finish it?
1368 days ago
Little did i know the sky was yellow and had orange stripes, also, it liked to become macaroni and cheese topped with ketchup to make it look quirky but the sun did not like it and burnt it to crisp meaning that the sky was at war and the sky asked the clouds something that changed their minds about it, the war was not over and the animals joined and then destroyed Mars and Jupiter and went on a destructive rampage because they had secretly been tiny ants walking on the tree of Mordor, then, an ostrich joined joined the war and won it.

1369 days ago
joined the war and won it
1370 days ago
then, an ostrich