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Hi, I'm ᏕᏁᎧᏇ and this is my club. I started it with my BFF Zoe. This club is girls only but I will make a version for boys. Come in and read my post!:)

    Hi, my name is ᏕᏁᎧᏇ and this is my BFF Club which I started with my Best Friend, Zoe. This club is for girls only but I will make a club for boys and a 'Random Club' where anyone can go in and tell us what their hobbies are and why they like them. This is a special club where you can spill about ANYTHING. Please don't be shy.:)

    If you swear or have mean behavior then you will not be able to join. Words like 'stupid' or 'jerk' are not swearing as long as you don't call anyone in the club, 'A stupid jerk'. I hope you understand!:)

    Every few days I will bring up a topic and you can share your thoughts on it.

    Anyone is welcome to join. If you have a question we will be able to answer it. Zoe and I hope you enjoy being part of my BFF Club!:)


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1376 days ago
topped with ketchup
1376 days ago
macaroni and cheese
1376 days ago
To become
1376 days ago
also it liked
1378 days ago
Guys, check out Ballet Club, I submitted my entry:))))))
1378 days ago
was yellow and had orange stripes
1378 days ago
It’s not a social media platform, is it? I don’t think so...
1378 days ago
Me neither meaning in not allowed here. My parents have no clue this exists, as far as I know
1378 days ago
Me neither, NHYT...
so we have "little did I know that" and my word is the sky
1378 days ago
Woah NHYT that's so cool!
Also I'm not allowed on here let alone any social media apart from Whatsall
1378 days ago
Do you all have this app called Pinterest? Please download it and follow me @Neveah Hor Yan Ting 6.5, thanks!
1378 days ago
Anyway, can you guys search on the internet ‘ Neveah Hor’ and when you see Precious Conversations, click on it and scroll all the way down, you’ll see an article I wrote, I won a contest!!!!:)))
1378 days ago
Wasn’t this funny???!!!!
1378 days ago
Lol!!!!!! That was for fun! Jessie isn’t real! It’s NHYT!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
1378 days ago
My name is Jessie and I would like to join this club.
1378 days ago
Sure! my word is:
did I know that
1379 days ago
Should we do the story game again? Like I make the word little and one of you says the next word! That was fun and it's been a bit
1380 days ago
Everyone, let’s chat more here!!!
1381 days ago
oh ok... I get it now
1381 days ago
Oh it wasn't a specific quiz it was just an example