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Yo Cookie

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A story that has nothing to do with the title. It is about two friends, and a cat.

    Jane -- Hey Fred!
    Fred -- Hey Jane!
    Jane -- I got a cat!
    Fred -- Whoa cool! What'd ya name it?
    Jane -- I named the cat Yo Cookie!
    Fred -- Yo Cookie? Best name ever!
    Jane -- Ikr
    Fred -- May I see Yo Cookie?
    Jane -- of course!

    Jane -- Here he is, the one and only, Yo Cookie!
    Yo Cookie -- Meow
    Fred -- wow! He's so cute!
    Jane -- Ikr
    Yo Cookie -- Meow?
    Fred -- ......
    Jane -- What's wrong Fred?
    Fred -- This cat doesn't seem to be.... Normal...
    Jane -- What do you mean Fred? He's a cat, isn't that normal enough?
    Fred -- He just doesn't seem... Right...
    Jane -- Oh Fred, you worry too much!
    Fred -- Alright then...

    Day 2

    Jane -- You're such a good kitty, aren't you Yo Cookie?
    Yo Cookie -- Meow!:3
    *Fred enters*
    Jane -- Hey Fred! Come play with Yo Cookie while I go bake a cake for us to share!
    Fred -- Sure...
    *Jane leaves*
    *cat stares at Fred*
    *Fred stares back*
    Yo Cookie -- Meow?
    Fred -- Uh huh...
    Yo Cookie -- HISSSSSS
    Fred -- You evil little cat...

    *Jane enters again*
    Jane -- I baked a cake!
    Fred -- ....
    Yo Cookie -- ......
    Jane -- What are you so quiet Fred?
    Fred -- No reason...

    *cat kills Fred*
    *cat buries body in back yard*
    *cat goes inside and pretends nothing happened*
    Jane -- I wonder why Fred isn't answering his phone...

    1 month later

    Police come in to play

    Police dig up body

    Police blame Jane

    Jane is in tears

    Cat kills police

    Jane is still in tears

    Cat makes Jane happy

    Jane becomes suspicious of Yo Cookie

    Yo Cookie knows

    Jane -- Wait! Yo Cookie, I can keep a secret! I promise!

    Yo Cookie -- My names Jeff


    Yo Cookie kills Jane

    No evidence left behind

    Nobody ever finds out

    Yo Cookie continues his evil deeds.

    For the description of the story, I lied. Also, not sorry about the meme in chapter 8.

    Check out my love quizzes by Little Love Expert #1. We're the same person!

    This was my goofy murder story. Why was the cat evil? Cuz cats make me nervous...

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382 days ago
Lol, I legit loved that 😂😂
460 days ago
What in the world!!!!!! This is................................ AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes you DEFINITELY NEED to make a part where the cat destroys the earth and goes on a rampage in space. Good idea Potato
969 days ago
Omg the bit where he says that his name is Jeff killed me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😃😂
1018 days ago
Um............ What?
1289 days ago
This needs a 2nd part where YO COOKIE destroys earth and goes on a rampage in space.
1403 days ago
“My name’s Jeff” I love it!
1447 days ago
Wow... poor Fred and Jane. (Not to mention the police and the cat's other victims.)