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Let me know in the comments what you think of it. This book is about a boy who is new to school and a girl who wants to be best friends. They become best friends but the rest of their classmates tease and bully them because they think they are a couple.

    Meet Bobby!
    "children, there is a new boy starting school today! Meet Bobby!" Said Lucy's teacher Mrs Scott. Mrs Scott was the really kind teacher of year 3 . Lucy had the most gorgeous blue eyes and a very light shade of Brown straightened hair. She was wearing her school uniform. "Hello everyone" said Bobby, smiling. "Hello" said the class in unison. The class apart from Lucy. "Hi Bobby!" Said Lucy. Bobby waved. "Want to play with me at lunch?" Asked Lucy. "Oh it looks like you two are going to be the best of friends!" Said Mrs Scott.

    Bobby and Lucy sitting in a tree
    Out in the playground, Bobby and Lucy were holding hands, skipping. "Bobby and Lucy sitting in a tree k, i, s, s, i, n, g first come love, second comes marriage, third comes the baby sitting in the carriage." Said one of their classmates, Melanie. Bobby and Lucy ran off and played on the field. " That was mean wasn't it. " said Bobby. Lucy nodded. Suddenly Melanie appeared again. "Listen. A boy, a girl, equals love" she said. "Well 2 girls can be together and 2 boys can be together." Said Bobby. " SHUT UP NERD" shouted Melanie, pushing Bobby over. "YOU LEAVE US ALONE" Shouted Lucy. "Suit yourself weirdos" shouted Melanie running off. "Are you okay?" Said Lucy, helping Bobby up. "Yeah. We will still be best friends" said Bobby, hugging Lucy.

    I heard you guys are being bullied
    "Best friends." said bobby as they walked back to class. Suddenly Mrs Scott appeared out of nowhere. "I've heard you guys are being bullied." Said Mrs Scott, sympathetically. "Yes. Can you tell the class to stop" asked Lucy. "I'll have a word with them sweetheart. Now go to class!" Said Mrs Scott. Mrs Scott walked ahead of them. " I love you as a friend" said Bobby. "You losers are together" said Melanie. "MELANIE I HEARD THAT I'M GOING TO SPEAK TO YOUR PARENTS" Shouted Mrs Scott. "Sorry mummy" said Melanie. The whole class laughed. "I'm Mrs Scott" said herself. "Oops" said Melanie.

    Your a couple alright. A snitching couple "Mummy can Lucy come over?" Asked Bobby. " yes of course I will just speak to her mummy" said Bobby's mum. "Hello, is it okay if your daughter comes round to our house tonight, my Bobby said they're best friends. "Of course what time will she be back?" " maybe 19:00? " "sure!" Bobby, Lucy, and Mrs Faith (bobbies mum) walked off into their yellow Nissan. "Bye Lucy!" Said miss Davies ( Lucy's mum ) " so Lucy, how are you today? " asked Mrs faith, parking up. "Good thanks" Lucy said, getting out of the car. "Oh not you" said a familiar voice. "Just ignore Melanie, Bobby" "so guys want to play outside?" Asked Mrs faith " yes" they both said. "Okay darlings, I'll just get you a snack. Milk and cookies?" " Yeah! " out in the garden, Melanie was standing next door at the fence. "You're a couple alright. A snitching couple." She said walking off.

    "we are Best friends forever!" Said Bobby hugging Lucy.

    thank you for reading this, make sure to check in the comments where I will be doing a weekly chat to you guys. 😀🌈💕

    Stay safe!

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136 days ago
sorry! so who was your least fave character
136 days ago
thanks :) when is the next weekly chat? i was so xited last time i think i missed it:( x
137 days ago
omg tysm!! emily! your'e so kind
141 days ago
also i absolutely love your story. you are an amazing writer
141 days ago
141 days ago
bobby is my favourite character thanks for asking
157 days ago
so who was your fave character?