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Toxic Friendship

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Writing down my thoughts on the toxic friendship I just got out of.

    I bet you still remember how we met. I was miserable but when we started talking I suddenly felt good.
    And things were good for almost a year. And then I did something you were so mad about that you ignored me for weeks. I still don’t understand why you overreacted like this but people do mistakes. And so do you and me. I guess we should have never started talking after this but we did. And things were fine. Until you decided that our friendship was bad for you and until you decided to tell me nothing about how you were feeling. You just ignored me. These three months was hell. But when you texted me in the summer, I already moved on. When I figured out that you were at least bi I had all this rainbow stuff in my story. And one day, seven months after you started ignoring me, you texted me. And we started to fast. Things were really going too fast. To the point, I fell in love with you. I think I never loved someone as much as I loved you.
    But then, I needed you and you weren’t there for me. It May sound selfish but I needed you at that exact moment. All you did was coming up with stupid excuses and you started to blame me for everything. So we both agreed that a friendship hasn’t got any sense. And on that exact day, we stopped talking I was free.
    I didn’t have any pressure of being the version you want me to be. Doing what you want me to do. You never really liked me, I guess. I guess you only liked the idea of me. The idea of having someone that loves you. The idea having someone you can talk about your gayness because you don’t have somebody else you can talk to about that.
    While you were bad, I didn’t even take two days to move on. Finally feeling good in my room because before you would always tell me how straight my room looks.
    And then you suddenly decided to text me again. Saying that you started to miss me again. I agreed to talk again, but things schools go slowly I said. I said at the point where anyone’s getting hurt, I’m outta here.
    We didn’t even make it a week. You started being mad at me for saying something insulting about someone else (they deserved it), you started calling me out on the movies I watch and you ignored me telling you that it is not a competition who gayer is.
    And then I finally had enough. I don’t need you to tell me how I am supposed to be. I may be not perfect but at least I am myself without needing to be told how to act. Sweetie I know gay is your whole personality but I think you didn’t understand that MY personality is way more than that. I told you to leave me alone after I told you what I was thinking. And you can’t handle being the one who messed up so you started saying stupid things and blaming me.
    The last chat between us:

    „One more thing.
    You wanted me to be honest.
    I was one time.
    Was also wrong“

    „Congrats and now?“

    Congrats you were honest ONE time while I am trying to be honest all the time.
    I am so much better without you.

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94 days ago
I had a toxic friendship but i got out of it.
408 days ago
@Artist I know you probably will never see it, considering it was almost a year ago you comment, but I hope everything is okay now.
740 days ago
I had a toxic friendship too! Correction: I still have a toxic friendship. I just CAN'T get out of it!!!!! Every time I try to, I seem to get in trouble.