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Are our friends real or fake?
Do they love or hate?
Would they care if we went away?
Will we ever even know?
This story will be about F.R.I.E.N.D.S cause I'm tired of fake ones.

    Friends are complicated whether there are real friends, our close ones, or they're just being fake. Do you ever wonder if you went away would your friends even remember you in a couple of days? I have always wondered. It just seems as if they aren't a lot of good 'friends' out there what would you say?
    Have y'all ever had someone that you thought was your sister and your friend and who you told everything to? I have then one day I was on Face time with her she said she is dating my 'EX CRUSH'. Doesn't that go against the girl code? She would always say she cared but I could just tell she didn't she would always get jealous and stingy. She would always like to hang around others and talk about you behind your back. Any of you ever had a so-called 'friend' like this? Here's some different types of friends(not all but some):
    1. The know it all's. They think they know everything when they clearly don't. I mean like it gets annoying, you know?
    2. The Boss friends. These friends are one of the worst. They think everything is about them and think there the boss of everything. For example, they could say " this was my idea" when in reality it was "our idea".
    3. Self-centered friends. OH MY LORD, these friends I just can't with them. They always think about themselves. Like NOT everything is about you. Sometimes I just want to tell them that, but I just say it inside my head.
    4. Gossip Friend. These are the ones that talk about you behind your back. And that spread rumors. It really hurts but I guess they don't care about other people.

    If y'all like this let me know so then I can make a chapter 2! Keep smiling!

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160 days ago
I had a fake friend she used me to get a boy she liked and that boy was my brother..
163 days ago
Great story. 😀