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Friendship Betrayal

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This story is about a girl named Flora who is best friends with Mackenzie. What Flora didn't know is that Mackenzie is known for betraying friendships.

    Hi, my name is Flora. I'm a new student at The Magic Academy. I decided to attend this school because I wanted to learn more about magic. When I was putting my books away in my locker, a girl with curled, waist length hair and purple eyes came up to me. She introduced herself as Mackenzie Shadow. "Hi, I'm the queen of the school, and you're Flora, right?" "Yes!" I said, with a happy smile on my face.

    After class, it was recess. I decided to sit by a tree and read a book as usual. When Mackenzie approached me, she said, "Quit reading books and hang out, friend!" I did what she said because she is the queen bee of the school. One day, I walked to Mackenzie and said, "I have a secret to tell you, don't tell anyone." Mackenzie agreed to not tell anyone.

    I was actually born in a forest, and I had no mother.

    Weeks later, I saw Mackenzie tearing pages from a nerd's notebook. I went up to her and tapped on her shoulder. "Do you know that it's mean to bully people?" Mackenzie was angry at me, and made an angry face. "You think I'm dumb? I hate nerds! Ew!" I ran to class and was thinking about how that mean comment affected me.

    A few days later, it was lunch. I saw Mackenzie walking up to a table with a megaphone, saying, "Hey guys, I just want to tell you something. Flora was actually born in a forest and had no mother." I was shocked. I thought how she would betray me like that in front of everyone.

    I decided to end things with Mackenzie. We never became friends again.

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