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Scams To Watch For. -Animal Jam.

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Their are many scammers on animal jam, so here are some to watch for.

    "I'm new to animal jam! So please send me rares!"

    Do NOT fall for this! Even if their username clearly says New Jammer. They may already have a account and they made a new jammer account, so when you send them the rares, they will run away and log on their original account and get their other account to trade the rares to their original account SO DON'T FALL FOR IT!

    "Giveaway my den!"

    All giveaways are scams. Unless it's a YouTube giveaway. Never go to these giveaways. NEVER!

    "It's my birthday! Send me presents!"

    This phrase is often used in Jamaa Township, Coral Canyons, or any other busy place. Even if this statement is true or not, do not send items to this person. If you are a really nice person, you may want to send something little, but don't send rares. Of course, if you know the person, you may send rares and items. But don't be fooled if you know the person in real life and you know that it's not their birthday in real life. But they might mean their Animal Jam birthday, which is the day you joined animal jam.:)

    "I decline all trades, try me"

    Sometimes a person may want to trick you into trading rares for non rares. They may often say this statement just to get you to trade them items. They will quickly accept the trade. DON'T TRADE THEM. Once again if you know this person well enough to know that they will not accept the trade, you may do this. 

    "Whoever sends me the best gift wins my________" 

    The people who say this often won't give what they say they will. Never send your items to this person! 

    "I'm poor. Send me items!"

    Often times, jammers will use this phrase to get people to send them items. If they are a member, they probably can afford anything in the store. If it's a non member, still the same thing. Sorry, you can't trust them...

    "I was scammed, please send me the item I lost"

    True or not, don't send the item they wish for to them. They might lie, just to get a duplicate item. Again, if you know the person in real life, you may want to send them that item if you wish. 

    "If you send me ________ I'll send you my ________"
    DO NOT SEND THAT PERSON YOUR ITEMS.Whatever you do DON'T send that person your items! It's almost all the time a lie. 

    "If you send me a(n)_______ I'll tell you a free membership code and/or a gem code"

    Don't send the items to this person AT ALL. The only gem codes that are out are posted by Animal Jam's "The Daily Explorer". Membership codes can only be used once, most likely it has already been used. DON'T fall for this scam

     "Send me items to make me look funny! LOL!"

    People will say this to get people to send them items so they can put them on and make them look "silly". Don't send them an item, they might not even put on your item! They might just run away with your "funny" item!

    "Send me a rare and I'll show you an awesome glitch!"

    People say this to get your rares. They don't have the glitch, and they are not going to show you a glitch. Don't send the item!

    "Hello, I'm from Animal Jam. I wanted to let you know that your _______ will be updated soon. I need too borrow your ______ so AJHQ can update it. Please send the item, thank you!"

    DON'T SEND YOUR ITEM. Just go on a different area or log off. That person is NOT from animal  jam. They might have a username like "Squish" and not "Squish3921" so it might look believable. Don't believe the username. Plus why would AJHQ go into their game and ask someone to borrow the item? They can update without "borrowing" your item.

    "OMG GO TO MY DEN AND SEE MY GLITCHED ITEM! Trade me rares for my GLITCHED Item!"

    Usually scammers will place a lot of similar items on top of another in one place, then place another item behind it. Because of the large item placement, an actual glitch happens where part of the background overlaps the item behind the multiple items. The item itself is not glitched.

    "My dad works for Animal Jam so if you report me my dad will ban you!"

    It is really unlikely that his/her dad is working for Animal Jam. Don't believe them. Log off and take a break.

    "Can I try that ______ on I want to see how it looks on me"

    NEVER and I mean NEVER send them the item. Just log off or go to a different land around Jamaa. The person just wants to steal your item. 

    "A scammer will put betas on their trade and 1 or 2 cheapies. They'll say: best gift gets something from trade! When they receive something big enough, they'll Send you a Cheapie in Exchange. DON'T FALL FOR THIS!
    "Scammers will say that an item is rare when it's really not and trick newbies into giving them a rare for it."

    "A scammer will add "my mom/dad is watching me" to any of the techniques for scamming listed above."

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Great advice! Thanks :p