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Animal Jam Massacre

2 Chapter - 758 Words - Developed by:
- Developed on: - 710 taken- The story is completed

It was just a peaceful day in Jamaa, everybody was doing their things, but the hackers came to the phantoms.
303, Herobrine, Null, iamverysad, Zylia and the infamous Fman122 came. They planned a home for the phantoms. And they teamed up.
They were planning another war, but this time it is more

    Everyone came to Jamaa, it was a happy day, everyone did their own things, whether it was trading, adopting, or anything else.
    But, in the land of the forgotten (a place for banned jammers)
    lived the hackers. There were many, sellers and scammers were not part of this.
    Their home was getting a lot overgrown.
    Null saw a phantom spy.
    He grabbed his iron sword and came to where it was, but found it nothing.
    But a scythe was on the ground, and saw 303.
    Null mixed with the elements of nature and teleport himself to the main table.
    Fman122 and Herobrine tried to think about something, and got an Herobrine got an idea.
    He knew that the owner of the PC had YouTube, so he thought that going in to it could possibly be the answer.
    But they knew that the cursor would click and delete them, so they all wore armor. Not just any, but Netherite armor.
    They also recruited many phantoms, 20 times more than how many in the First Phantom War.
    They went to YouTube while he was off.
    They saw a new video of Songs of War.
    They recruited all of the Voltaris and even Ingressus and King Chronos and the Nether inhabitants.
    But their army size skyrocketed when they found Village Raid.
    Their final piece of action was to distract everyone. They placed an army of phantoms, and this was just one part.

    Jamaa's sky suddenly turned black and the shadows of the phantoms rose from below the ravine in Mt. Shiveer.
    Everyone there died. they were revived, but had no items.
    It was at this time the phantoms unlocked everyone's dens.
    Everyone could not get out, and was forced to this nightmare.
    But good arrived quickly.
    All jambassadors came with powerful Songs, and the Ardoni gave Zios and Mira the Prime Songs.
    The characters from Village Raid helped, Alex and Steve came, George, Jason, Dan, Chrissie, and all the other good in The Crack!
    helped in this dark time.
    Julian2, Aparri, Skorm, and a load of other retired jammers returned, starting the second Phantom War.
    AJHQ came with much power, and jumped on and gripped on to one of the phantoms, But this phantom shot lasers, and when they saw each other, the phantom shot the laser, and AJHQ survived.
    AJHQ bit the phantom, but it was too late, the laser was still there and the mighty AJHQ could not survive.
    Aparri fought against the heavy phantoms, and everyone were granted the ability to hold their items.
    Julian2, with his conspiracy power, freaked out some scaredy phantoms out, but not all were scared. He had his trusty pirate sword, and the Ardoni chose Zios to hold the Prime songs.
    Together with Mira, they were able to strike an finish the army.
    But the illager army was even stronger.
    The crossbow shooting pillagers, the axe wielding vindicator, the magical evoker, the ramming ravager, and the mystical illusioner.
    They were able to finish this army too.
    But came the hackers.
    They destroyed everyone except Zios and Mira.
    With all his power, Zios used it to the full potential and sacrificed himself to the hackers.
    They both destroyed each other, and what was left was the Prime Songs and his mask.
    Everyone grieved over his death, but he can be brought back.
    Mira used her feather and the prime songs at the beacon, and it exploded.
    A skeleton of Zios appeared and was much more powerful then before, and granted everyone the power of destroying hackers.

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its a looOOOOoooOOOOooove quiz
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776 days ago
cool story i love it and i also love animal jam
902 days ago
please make a sequel
902 days ago
This is an amazing story! Keep it up I'm waiting for chapter 3