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"Let's Start From The Beginning" FNaF Fanmade Story

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This fanmade story made by me: Foxy The Pirate Fox Girl. I have done a bunch of research so I hope that you enjoy this. These are my theories and yeah, enjoy. I will make other parts from time to time and this is part one.

    (Me) Before the 5 missing children were killed, there was 4 kids at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. They all played around, enjoying there last day alive...
    But there was a man who works there on his day shift and he wears a Golden Bonnie suit. The man under the suit goes by the name... Purple Guy.
    Purple Guy: Those little brats... They come here almost everyday. Oh what do we have here? *smirks*
    Child: Mom? Mom? Mommy where are you? Mom?
    Purple Guy: Hi little kid. Where's your mother?
    Child: My mommy left me all alone... please help me I am so hungry and lonely.
    Purple Guy: Sure kid. *Gives child cupcake*
    Child: Thank you kind sir! *smiles and eats cupcake*
    Purple Guy: You're welcome kid. *Gives evil smile and leaves*
    Child: *Chokes and looks at desk*
    Purple Guy: *Smiles in the distance and watches child*
    Child: He... *chokes* put... he... *chokes and takes last breath*
    Purple Guy: Hehe they'll never find out that it was me now *put child in back room and grabs a puppet suit*
    Me: See you next time, chapter 2 will come out soon! XD

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348 days ago
I'm kinda confused. That's not how the children died, I don't think. I think they were all forced into a room and them stabbed with a small knife by William Afton, or Purple Guy, and then Mrionette and/or Purple Guy stuffed them into suits and they started their revenge. (Haven't done enough research on Golden Freddy yet).