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Is this for real?...

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I get a job at this new horror attraction 'Fazbear's Fright'.The first night is a breeze, but in the second one someone appears at my window and it turns out that it doesn't want to hurt me...but...why?...

I was heading work to guard the horror attraction. I took the security guard night shift. At first I was disappointed, but what could possibly go wrong? I just have to sit in a chair, check some cameras and the systems. Not hard. I'm sure it'll be a breeze. . . hopefully. . .
I confidently entered the building heading to the office. I sat down on the black chair and put my purse on the ground near my legs. I started checking the cameras and stuff. I was bored as hell. It was my second night so I already knew what to do, that's why it was boring. The first night was more interesting because I had no idea what to do and I mostly had to learn how to do stuff around there. Igot used to it actually and it's not hard at all. . .
-Le Time skip-
3:00am. . . more two hours and I can go home. I can't wait to leave, but something caught my attention. . . A man with long, messy hair of a dirty blonde, dressed in clothes as messed up as his hair and almost entirely bandaged was peeking out the door.
'Ah, who are you?'I said horrified
'Aren't you a pretty little face. . . I'm guessing you're the new night watch, eh?'he asked
'Y-Yeah. . . what's your name?'I asked
'My name is Springtrap. . . can I get in, if you don't mind, of course. . . 'he said grinning
'I-I. . . sure. . . 'I said barely talking
'You're lucky I like you doll, or else I wouldn’t have been so friendly. . . 'he said
I blushed a little, but I covered my face with my hair to hide this. . . wait. . . did he just call me. . . doll! Oh gosh. . . it's gonna be an interesting job after all. . .

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157 days ago
Springtrap I think you are trying to get a new girl
572 days ago
need a lot more to make me happy.
602 days ago
we need a part 2 but longer
864 days ago
psh, too short.... NEED MORE!!!!
926 days ago
Hmm… This is good but a little short.
1154 days ago
this would've been my favourite fan fiction ever if u made it longer!!
1192 days ago
says the man himself
1264 days ago
wow soo short