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Long time no see- a FNAF story

10 Chapter - 1.830 Words - Developed by:
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It's been 10 years since Stella's boyfriend Haydn was turned into an animatronic at Freddy Fazzbears pizza place. She'd forgotten all about him until a chilling video of CCTV footage showing the night Haydn disappeared comes through her letterbox... Stella needs to find Haydn before time runs out, will Stella find him or will she receive the same fate?

My boyfriend disappeared 10 years ago when we were at Freddy Fazzbears pizza place, he never returned home, there was no signs of him ever again... Until a video comes through my letterbox...

I was at home watching TV until I heard something come through my letterbox. I went to the mat and saw a brown package. I opened it and it read 1999 Freddys Pizza. I put it into the TV and there he was, Haydn. He was walking around "where am I?" He said "It's late hours!" Someone or something was stalking him, the figure approached him and grabbed him, there was a scream of help and then he was gone. That's when the flashback hit me

We were at Freddys Pizza for my birthday. It had just turned 12:00 and me and Hayd decided to play hide and seek. I hid in the pirate cove. He was seeking for about 20 minutes until I got fed up with him, I went searching for him but he wasn't anywhere. I went home thinking "he'll be back tomorrow." But he never was.

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951 days ago
Hi Gabriel have you checked out a new fan fiction? It’s called “Mario the music box in the house of the Afton family”
1062 days ago
wow i did not know that 0 % means fready fazbear was there