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Can't be fixed (Fnaf story)

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In this story you are given an opportunity to start a new job at "Baby's Pizza World" but you are blind to see all the horror things going on behind your back will you save the Pizza World or will you save yourself? Read this story to find out

    You wake up to the sound of your alarm beeping loudly in your ear, you groan and reach to turn it off. You sit up and cover your naked body with your white velvet sheets, Shivering you lay back down smashing your head on the bedframe. You touch the back of your head and rub it slowly when you finally drag yourself out of bed you run over o your dressing cabinet and pull out some jeans and a black top with the words "Adidas" written in the corner in white ink. You get dressed and go to the nearest mirror and fix your hair rubbing the brush quickly through it, trying to brush all the knots out.
    You head downstairs after spending almost thirty minutes trying to fix your hair. Your boyfriend meets you at the bottom of the staircase giving you a quick kiss before you leave the door waving goodbye. You pick up your phone out your pocket and look at your messages as you step into your car.
    "Hello, We are proud to say you have been chosen to be the first worker here at Baby's Pizza World Ltd. We would love it if you could show up at 12am for the night shift and your shift finishes at 6am as that's when we open for breakfast. Many thanks The Purple Guy"
    You sit and wonder for five minutes about it and go back inside to tell your boyfriend about it. He tells you...
    "It's a scam trust me babe..."
    But before he can finish your butt in
    "I don't know James, I'll go and if they try to kill me with a pizza I’ll let you know" You smile sarcastically.

    What will you do on your first night on the job Read on to find out.

    It's 11pm and your boyfriend and dog are both asleep on the sofa in the main room, you quietly leave the house locking the door behind you as you exit. You get into your car and turn on the radio as the news presenter says...
    " And now for the moment we have all been waiting for the grand opening of Baby's Pizza World"
    You smile and mine the words the presenter is saying...
    " And now the Sugar Spice"
    As the song plays you notice that your boyfriend is behind the car waving at you, You wave back as you leave the driveway.

    about half an hour passes and you are finally there and just in time with fifteen minutes to spare you walk through the entrance and the smell of fresh paint and over cooked pizza floods your nose. You look around everything seems normal apart from the animatronics that were in front of you on stage. They looked broken and kind of scary.
    You smirk.
    "This will be easy just sit around and drink free soda and eat free pizza..."
    But before you can even finish you hear the doors locking behind you and an automated voice saying...
    " Air vents closing and Backup oxygen in operation."
    Your face suddenly drops and you feel very loopy you try to find a mask or an old animatronic head but no luck, your chest feels tight and your face too, you fall to the floor passing out.

    What will happen to you next Read the next chapter to find out.

    You wake up, Feeling dizzy and sick. You run to the bathroom and throw up in one of the worn down toilet cubicles. You feel a warm hand on your back.
    You wake up, Feeling dizzy and sick. You run to the bathroom and throw up in one of the worn down toilet cubicles. You feel a warm hand on your back. You wake up, Feeling dizzy and sick. You run to the bathroom and throw up in one of the worn down toilet cubicles. You feel a warm hand on your back rubbing it like your mum {before she died} used to...
    "There there, it’s okay. Just let it out, just let it all out..."
    You turn around to see a guy all purple with blood stains on his shirt and hand and one hand behind his back. His smile was horrible and you could feel his Black eyes pierce into your soul.
    "Why the long face?" he tilts his head "Is it 'cause I'm here I can leave if you want but I don't think you could do this alone..."
    You stand up and punch him in the balls and quickly try to run away but his grip on your arm was too strong and you trip, smashing your head on the floor leaving a massive bloody cut on your forehead. He brings his other hand from behind his back and reveals a knife his smile grows wide and you shiver in fear and panic and his swiftly draws the knife close to your stomach.
    "Just a tattoo I see you want..."
    He cuts into your skin making a face that looked like his on your stomach it bleeds and he puts his hand over it and squeezes it tightly till all the blood has drained he puts your blood into a cup and drinks it wiping his mouth afterword's.
    You run off and nod your head back to your car holding your stomach. you grab your sowing needle and some thread and try to sow up the cut. You get home and wake up your boyfriend who pulls you close to him.
    "So how was it?"

    What will happen next Read the next chapter to find out.

    Your boyfriend pulls you close to his body...
    "How was it, Look if it was that bad I have something that could cheer you up"
    He reaches over to kiss you but you pull away before he can. You start to cry.
    You lift up your top so he can see the badly stitched cut on your stomach and he gasps
    "I'm taking you away to see a doctor now! And while you’re getting you and the baby checked out I'll call the police"

    You get to the hospital and James explains everything you told I'm in the car
    "She was at work and then a man that was stained in blood came up behind her and cut her stomach she is 8 MONTHS PREGNANT will the baby die? What’s going to happen? Will she die?" He starts to panic and the office lady loudly yells
    "QUIET! I need to think I’ll get her checked out right away what's your name miss?"
    "Hope, I'm 19 and I'm 8 months pregnant and I don't know if she will be okay?"

    You get into a room with the same lady at the office she checks your cut out,
    "What did the guy look like?"
    "Like the face in the cut!"
    "And your baby, did you feel any kind of movement when he was cutting you?"
    "Yes, I felt a slight kicking feeling and I felt very faint at the time and all I know is that he told me if I told anyone he would kill me!"

    What will happen next Read the next chapter to find out.

    "I'm sorry miss, your baby was affected by the cutting motion he was doing..." the nurse says,

    "What do you mean?"

    "What I mean is... your baby will be born with only 1 arm and half of its left leg. The right leg is fine just a little cut on it, the arm he cut off was the left one again the right arm is fine."

    You break into tears,

    "My baby! MY BABY! She was the only baby I could ever have! My boyfriend is infernal so I had to get IVF and now they told me I can't have another IVF as infections could appear!"

    James runs in, "The police are...
    He notices your tears and the nurse walks out the room leaving you and James to talk.

    "The baby will be born with one arm and half a left leg our baby!"
    "It’s fine we will love it the same armless or not"
    "James I want a abortion"

    His face drops and he storms out the room, you can hear him on the phone to his mum...

    "That b...., she wants an abortion because her baby will only have one arm and half of a left leg! B....!"

    He comes back in... face red with anger and he says to you in
    An angry tone...

    "Well if you want an abortion... I want a divorce!"

    What will happen next Read the next chapter to find out.

    As you lay there you notice James is playing with the tools the nurse left
    - needle
    - thread
    - scalpel
    - plyers
    - gloves
    - a face mask
    - orange juice
    - a cookie

    You look at him and sigh...
    "James I..."
    "I want you and I want this baby"

    He takes your hand in his and kisses you passionately, after a while he pulls away.

    "I was going to say is will miss your kiss on my lips"
    "Why miss what you can have right now"

    You pull him into a kiss again, but before much you feel a sharp pain in your stomach. You go into labour.

    "James the baby its coming!"
    "I’ll get the nurse!"

    The nurse arrives and she tells you to push
    You push.
    She tells you to push harder and longer
    You do that.

    After a while the baby is delivered. But before you could see your baby she is dragged off to another room.

    James leaves the room and you’re alone after about an hour the nurse and James are back.

    "James what were you doing?"
    "I went for a... walk a walk that's it..." he looks at the nurse who is smiling uncontrollably "... there's a lovely view from the top"
    The nurse is smiling and she leave brushing her hand on James.

    You look at James and yell...

    What will happen next Read the next chapter to find out.

    James looks down at the floor...
    "I've... I've slept with her while you were at work!"
    "YOU WHAT?"
    "you heard me... I slept with her while you were at work!"

    you punch him as he runs off with the baby.
    You hear sirens about ten minutes later... the police are here and they are here to arrest you!

    You raise your hands.
    You start to cry but they cover your eyes and mouth

    As you’re pulled out you see James smiling holding the nurse by the waist and moving his hand lower down her back. You begin to cry and shout and kick about.

    A police officer is sitting with you in the back of the police van, you keep your head down.

    "Now tell me, what was going on to make you think you could assault your husband and you new-born!"

    "He slept with another woman behind my back and didn't tell me and as I was giving birth went off with her, I NEVER touched my baby she was with the nurse when all this happened"

    "This will go to court, and your Husband will get full custardy of the baby you can get a weekend every 2 months."

    You begin to cry again.

    What will happen next Read the next chapter to find out.

    You are thrown into a mental asylum and you shortly go insane. You find out James has married and has had 3 more children with different women and is being held in jail for robbery and murder of a child. Your child.

    You get dinner of bones an rice and you eventually get very ill. Cancer.

    you self-harm and with you blood you paint faces of the guy in the Pizza world on the wall and sing one song over and over again it drives the officers mad...
    "1, 2 I'm coming for you. 3, 4 you better lock your doors. 5, 6 with a crucifix. 7, 8 you better stay up late. 9, 10 I’ll get my baby back again."

    Your cancer grows stronger and your strength grows weaker.
    a few months later you die a nasty death by torture...
    - day 1; arm gets cut off with sandpaper
    - day 2; other arm gets cut off with a nail
    - day 3; you get stabbed with blunt needles
    - day 4; they shoot you

    You die of blood loss the next day

    Thank you for reading my story
    " I can't fix you "

    hop you enjoyed there will be more coming out soon

    What did you think about this book, should I carry on with
    " I can't fix you; The return of the dead"
    Or do more books of a similar nature?

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918 days ago
...All I got to say is...I LOVE FNAF IM THE BIGGEST FAN!!!
921 days ago
It's SADD..............

1010 days ago
i like the song she sings...
1058 days ago
i love it
1151 days ago
Wow... now I'm a queen and this happens and CONTINUE
1173 days ago
1178 days ago
Oh And By The Way... "I Cant Fix You" Is A Song Now...
1178 days ago
Continue! Con-tin-ue!CONTINUEEE
1303 days ago
hey my name is purple guy and I AM GOING TO STUFF YOU IN A SUIT Scott with suit do you want you have Bonnie or Freddy and Chica
1325 days ago
This is awesome I loved the story plz do more
1404 days ago
Plz plz continue it
1404 days ago
It remained me of the song " It's been so long".
1404 days ago
I loved it . So sad so realistic so cool. Continue it but like make her spirit find the pizzeria and become welcomed by purple guy and turn her into an an anamtronic.
1469 days ago
I don't get what that was for
1492 days ago
Continue but add more pictures or I have to picture it in my head which is hard and Ihad a opparation yesterday I can only see with one ☝️ 👁
1551 days ago
1670 days ago
Pls do more make hopes soul into an animatronic
1692 days ago
Sad,amazing, and like Freddy's story 200 stars!!!!!!
1742 days ago
Yes, this was sad. You did a good job, but it's just sad. If you make a part 2, maybe give it a less dark ending.
1745 days ago
Can you do more stories of a similar nature just that theirs some sort of a happy ending? It would be really good and less sad. But I liked this although it was very.... Brutal.