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One day at Freddy’s

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A young boy named Sammy is trying to figure out the past of the Freddy Fazbear murders, while trying to survive himself. He makes new friends, changes opinions, and finds new information about his father. Join Sammy and his friends on a journey to figure out what really happened.

This was my very first book apology's for any mistakes, if you find one let me know!
Please don't copy this and claim for your own I worked really hard on this.
Please enjoy you Fnaf fans or anyone reading!

This is a book I wrote last summer, I published it in Wattpad it’s called One day at Freddy’s and the audio version will be on my YouTube channel (endergirl1421_YT) and I’m working on the other two books for it, be ready

It was a rainy day clouds massed over head and surprisingly it was my birthday. My name is Sammy Daniel Miller and I am turning 10. I used to have a twin sister but… she’s gone… forever. And my father creates robots for a living but there not ordinary robots there… well evil. They are meant to entertain children but ever since three years ago I’ve been terrified of them. I also have an older brother who loves scarring me. He and three of his friends put on the stupid robot masks, hide then scare me. Well today is my unlucky, day yeah yeah I know it’s my birthday and all but my father is taking me to the pizzeria with my brother and his friends. Also let alone the horrible nightmares I’ve had since… that day.

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577 days ago
Sounds a bit like the Afton family to me...
682 days ago
i finished so sad spolier hes in a suit
723 days ago
This is really long but really good i want to see what will happen next
753 days ago
just got done really good stuff and nice detailsWOW
753 days ago
I’m on chapter 40 rn
811 days ago
I only read the first chapter.SOWWYYY
837 days ago
The was long I'm going to finish it another time I'm at chapter 82
1045 days ago
this was a good book. loved five nights at freddy's franchise
1196 days ago
This is a good book.
1239 days ago
woah this story is really good if you actually take the time to read the whole thing! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 10/10 :)