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Baldi basics in education and learning 4 the endgame

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A war has struck, can the BBIEAL characters survive?

    A war has struck, here school has gone badly damaged, Baldi ran to the pipe, trying to send water, but he failed, lava flow through all of the classrooms, Baldi runs to every class, but when he enters the faculty room, he sees an apple he runs to get it but lava flowed, he ran, but the lava was already covering his skin, he died, bully was arguing to the sockpuppet, bully got so annoyed that he ripped it to shreds, playtime was causing trouble, so she was sent home, Billy was following 1st prize when he saw a lava monster, he ran away, but he was devoured by a lion, the students were so scared, as a murderer was sending a bomb, 100 seconds later until the school explodes, bully was usually rude, but now he ran to the pipe, he successfully sends water to almost all the rooms, he then sees a police office, where he sees principal being sent to jail, he sees a lion, he hides behind a door, he sees 1st prize, but the robot was devoured by lava, bully went out of the door, he went to the kitchen, a tiger was following him, he then ran away, out of the kitchen, running to the children room, the FNAF crew were running out of the school, they then see a bomb, it was ticking fast, they ride their car, and put it on full speed, gotta sweep was accidently thrown to a rock and was shredded, nothing was safe, cloudy copter was destroyed by a knife that unexpectedly cut him, and now all of the characters are devoured by the lion and tiger (except the students and joe) joe quickly asks the students to come with him and now they are in full speed in the bus, they ran from the explosion now only 4 seconds remaining: 4 3 2 1 BOOM!, they then survived it (life finds a way) and lived happily ever after

    The tiger and lion survived, since the zookeepers quickly ran to the school

    The FNAF characters chatted happily while eating some pizza! Chica even said "my god so yummy!"

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613 days ago
i cringe at this, i am the creator.
642 days ago
Absolute masterpiece, should be studied in all American schools
655 days ago
weird just weird.........................