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Molten x Bryan

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This will go over a ship known as Molten x Bryan. I'm a huge fan of this. I hope you like this. โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’˜

    Bryan: welcome to another day at Freddy Fazbear's pizzeria. I wonder what my friends are up to today. Hi everyone.
    Narrator: In the main room.
    Everyone: Hi Bryan.
    Molten: Hi Bryan.
    Narrator: In the portal room.
    Bryan: Oh. Hi Molten.
    Molten: What you're not happy to see me.
    Bryan: Not really. Were you doing to the portal.
    Molten: Just giving a few adjustments.
    Narrator: Everyone else comes into the room during Bryan and Molten conversation.
    Baby: Bryan what's wrong.
    Bryan: Molten is messing with the portal again.
    Security Puppet: really Molten can't you just leave the portal alone for once.
    Molten: No. Come on let's just go.
    Bryan: Not till you put the portal back to normal.
    Molten: Fine I guess I'll have to use magic this time.
    Bryan: Wait What.
    Narrator: In the portal (murderer mystery)
    Ballora: Bryan are you okay.
    Bryan: Yeah I'm fine.
    Molten: H-hi B-bryan.
    El chip: Did you just stutter Molten.
    Molten: WHAT NO. Why would I stutter.
    El chip: Oh. I just thought you stuttered that's all.

    Security Puppet: Does anybody know who the murderer is.
    Baby: Ahh. It's El Chip.
    EL Chip: I'm going to get you Baby.
    Ballora: Leave baby alone.
    Bryan: Ahh. I see El chip.
    Narrator: everyone gets away from El chip. El Chip is defeated.
    Security Puppet: yay I got him.
    El Chip: Darn it.
    Narrator: After everybody was done playing the game. (In the portal room.)
    Ballora, Security Puppet, El Chip: Will see you guys in the main room.
    Baby: I'm not so sure about this.Should we really be leaving Bryan alone with Molten.
    El Chip: He'll be fine don't worry. Bryan can defend himself.
    Baby: Okay El Chip if you say so.
    Narrator: everyone leaves the room except Bryan and Molten.
    Molten: Bryan I think I messed up the portal.
    Bryan: how so.
    Molten: well... I think it messed with our emotions. But I'm not sure which emotions it messed with and who it messed with.
    Bryan: so what you're saying is there's animatronics have their emotions on mixed round and you have no idea who they are.
    Molten: most likely yes but it's possible that didn't do anything.
    Bryan: how will we know if somebody has their emotions mixed around.

    Molten: the effects should be showing tomorrow if they came through to our side of the portal.
    Bryan: okay then then I'll see you tomorrow let me know if any of the animatronics start acting weird.
    Molten: okay.
    Narrator: the next day. (In front of the pizzeria)
    Bryan: welcome to another day at Freddy Fazbear's pizzeria. I wonder what my friends are up to. Hi everyone.
    Everyone except Molten: Hi Brian
    Bryan: I'm going to go check the poor room I'll be right back.
    Baby: Okay Bryan.
    Narrator: In the portal room.
    Bryan: H-Hi Molten.
    Molten: H-Hi Bryan.
    Bryan: H-have you seen any of the animatronics act weird.
    Molten: N-no
    Bryan: Th-that's good.
    Molten: B-bryan are you okay.
    Bryan: I-I could ask you the same thing.

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1084 days ago
It is ok I guess but I agree with girl mike afton
1085 days ago
molten is ennard so no ship
but i ship ennard / molten with mike afton
1334 days ago
I ship it so hard I will DIE!
1338 days ago
I love this ship it is the cutest
1454 days ago
I love this this ship #1!!!!