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Sister location story

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This isn't real like it said its fan ficton

    Once there was a girl who was in the secret mini game Baby got her so the girl posses baby this very day The first day of sister location the security guard

    Was scared when he saw baby's eyes "Green" they used to be blue Then baby talked to the security guard The security guard didn't know baby was her sister But baby knew he was her dad but its her brother... She looks at him in the eye saying "Looks like something bad happen.. You forgot about me" Micheal gets so confused and switch to

    Ballora Ballora was saying her voice lines but then said the same thing baby said The thing he didn't know is Ballora is his mom So he looked and dd the steps and switched to

    Funtime foxy.. he was in the hallway.. he wasn't usually in his spot it was like 12 am The day funtime foxy planned to Kill the security guard But the security guard didn't have that planned...

    Then he heard noises checked the vent he was moving He was jump scared

    He started day 2.. surprised he was Alive.. Then he saw baby in his office he was lost and was afraid I believed spring trap was his dad but He was....

    Then elizabeth tried to warn the security guard but she got shocked He was wondering what she was saying but she didn't care Ballora tried to warn him too saying "Something is hiding in these walls" (i know its a different line but this is fiction)

    Funtime foxy warned the security guard so as funtime Freddy

    But then everyone but withered bonnie Thinking he was it but then someone else didn't say it

    He was warned night 5, He got withered bonnie and foxy But then

    Night 6 Funtime foxy killed the security guard The end

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1040 days ago
Cool story
1314 days ago
i can hear you BREATHING
1338 days ago
theres more but i was lazy :PnO KiDdInG