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The Afton's story

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It tells all the Aftons deaths and more

    Chris Afton's death.

    It was Chris Afton's death and he was afraid of the animatronics,
    so Michael and his friends picked him up and put him on nightmare fredbear.1,2(killed).

    Michael was devastated, and so was William.

    Michael's death

    He was working his first shift and he was at C.B's world.
    He went into the scooping room.
    The animatronics were planning on killing him and so they did that
    Michael got scooped.

    Elizabeth's death

    William tried to tell Elizabeth to not go toward the animatronics.
    but she did just that, C.B/Circus Baby lured her to the stage with ice cream but before she could get it she got pulled into C.B.

    Clara's death

    After Elizabeth died, Clara started to blame to deaths of the children on William, they fought and fought until she went to the car and left but she cried too much she wrecked.

    William Afton's death

    William got so sad about the pain of losing his family, he started to want to kill.
    So he went back to his old job Freddy Fazbears pizzeria.
    He got 5 little children into a room saying he had a "surprise".
    But the only surprise was death and so a few months later the soles came back to life for revenge and he got stuck in a room so he hid in Springlock but he got killed from the inside.

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355 days ago
Ok, this is old. Very old. And people nowadays would probably consider it stereotypical. Ok then.
CCs name isn’t confirmed, so I will use CC. So CC was killed on his birthday (not by the nightmares) as shown in the minigame.
Micheal sure did die at Sister Location by the scooper, after being tricked by Ennard.
Elizabeth did die by Circus Baby after not listening to her dad.
Mrs Afton isn’t a confirmed character since she never appeared anywhere, but it depends on your own thoughts of how she died.
William, way after killing those kids in 1985, was chased by the 5 souls and he escaped in the SpringBonnie suit. After a lot of laughing and some water drops, the springlocks, which weren’t wound correctly, snapped and caused him to die.
But this is FNaF, no one ever truly dies
No offense though! It’s old anyways :)
536 days ago
@Iya_TWisTI don't want to be rude but...U got legit almost the whole Afton family wrong. This probably is offensive to Elizabeth, Michael, William, Mrs. Afton and...apparently me :( But I'm not the real one, no one is.

Again, I'm sorry of this is an offense to you.
825 days ago
835 days ago
Well...1: C.C Afton didn't die cause his nightmares he died cause of Michael and his friends putting him in Fred bears mouth and the spring locks broke and his mouth closed.

2: Michael afton died on night 5 in C.B's pizza world. The anamatronics decided to make a plan and kill William but it was Michael(eggs benedict) so ennard played pretend with micheal and made him go in the scooping room and used him for a skin suit and tricked C.B, Ballora, Ft. Freddy, and Ft. Foxy. So all the other anamatronics died in the fire the was set there to let the souls free.

3: My Elizabeth Afton died from C.B, because she didn't listen to her dad (William Afton) and she wanted to see C.B because C.B had ice cream and lured her onto the stage and before she could get a bite she was 👮ed in C.B's stomach and couldn't get out because C.B wouldn't let her out. And when C.B got scooped Elizabeth died with C.B.

4: William Afton died from 6 kids he killed (Cassidy, Fritz, Jeremy, Charlie, Gabriel, and Susie) and there souls came back and chased him around freddy fazbears pizzeria until he was in a room with no windows and a fixed animatronic called springtrap and he hid there but the spring locks came loose and killed him. He rotted there until 1 day in 1976.

5: Clara Afton died from driving off a cliff after she stormed off when Elizabeth disappeared and got in her car drove off...but she was too sad to drive so she just drove off a cliff and nobody found her body.

Extra: (Elizabeth posses C.B, Clara posses Ballora, C.C posses Shadow Freddy, Michael has A robot living inside of him named Ennard, and William posses Springtrap. And that's all of it.
919 days ago
im sorry but not everything is truth about this. 1. Chris Afton: he isn't killed by his nightmares, he survived till his party, but his brother Micheal and a bunch of bullies put him in Fredbears mouth and Chris Died, by the Bite of 83. 2.Micheal Afton: it is truth what you said, but a lot more complicated. Micheal only got this job because he wanted to find his sister Elizabeth, who disappeared in that restaurant, and he got that job because if he didn't find a job, he would be kicked out his house. the others wanted to escape, so they scooped themselves and transformed into Ennard, who scooped Micheal so they could escape. 3. Elizabeth Afton: like by Micheal's dead: its truth but a lot more complicated. William created Circus Baby and programmed her that she would kidnap kids for William if they come to close. thats why William warned Elizabeth to don't come close to her. but Elizabeth didn't listen and snuck away when William was talking with Clara and Micheal was bullying Chris. she came to close and Circus baby kidnapped Elizabeth. William noticed that and tried to safe Elizabeth, by opening Circus Baby's stomach and safe Elizabeth. but there went an error in Circus Baby's systems, so the stomach wouldn't open and Elizabeth died. but when her Soul tried to get out Circus Baby to go to her final resting place, it didn't work. something went wrong and Elizabeth possessed circus Baby. 4. Clara Afton: when she heard Chris were laying in the hospital, she jumped in her car and would drive to the hospital to see Chris. but another car crashed up to her by an open Cliff, and she fell in the cliff and died. 5. William Afton: William lost his youngest son, daughter and wife and lived with only Micheal left. one day, he found Charlotte Emily, the daughter from the Co-manager Henry Emily, alone on the car place. Charlie lost her father and asked William where she could find him. William became jealous by the thought that Henry could live in peace with his whole family, and that he only had a young adult-son. he became so jealous that he decided to kill Charlie, so Henry could feel what he were feeling. he killed kid after kid, but then Micheal caught him and accused him at home. he said that his father must free the souls of the children, and William did that. but the kids all remembered what William did to them, so they become hostile and violent and haunted him till the back room, where the long lost suits from Springbonnie and Golden Freddy were rotting. then William makes the biggest mistake of his whole life: he forgot why the suits were out of order and decided to hide in a spring bonnie suit. but when he remembered why the suits were out of order, it was too late. the springlocks 🌻ped and William died in his spring bonnie suit. 30 years later, his soul couldn't make a way out of the suit and now William possessed the spring bonnie suit, which now was named as springtrap.