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Mario and Luigi work at sister location

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Mario and Luigi have got a job at a new pizzeria after the rumors have been proven true... Will they survive? Find out! This is original. By the way, this shows nights 1-5 up to the scooper.

Mario said “we must be at another pizzeria... But which one is it?” Luigi said, “Mario it’s called sister location.. we’re here because we made the job at Freddy’s seem easy.” Mario said, “Makes sense I guess.” They went to Circus baby’s stage and Luigi yelled loud enough for the whole town to hear: “GET BACK TO YOUR STAGE OR I WILL DISMANTLE YOUR WHOLE CREW!” Circus baby said “ Freddy was right you two are nearly IMPOSSIBLE to beat... I am out of here!” Then it was six am...

End of night 1... hit the button after reading this

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