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Mrs Afton X William Afton

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And yes, It's meant to be cringe, thank you very much:)


    It was a normal day in the Afton family household; C.C dancing and blasting music, Elizabeth spying on C.C waiting for any shipping to happen, Michael reading a book, William out on a spree with Vanny, and Mrs. Afton inside dancing in her studio.

    Mrs. Afton P.O.V:

    I wish William would dance with me like we used to, but it's okay. We even live in the same house...I could give it a chance, now that I think about it. I could stop by him and ask next time before he goes on a spree.

    -a few days later-

    Just as William was walking out of the door, he heard Balloras' voice. “William?” William walked over to the dance studio and found Ballora, fading back into Mrs. Afton. “Yes?” William said, curiosity in his voice. “Would you like to dance with me? Like the old days?” William was shocked she would even ask that. “After all, I have done to you?” William said feeling bad for everything he had done to her... “Yes, William. We are still legally married and living together,” Mrs. Afton said, looking at William with a smile. “Yes, I will dance with you, Ballora,” William said. “Call me honey sometimes, too,” Ballora said with a laugh and smile. “William smiled back at her. Ever since then, William would dance with Ballora THEN go on his spree.

    And Elizabeth had shipping for once.

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493 days ago
cool but before the story ends crybaby was dancing like chicken wing and eggs uhhh was eating [relizes he cant eat] and danzy pants and rotten bunny lived hapily ever after and they exploded..
911 days ago
Just to let you know its meant to be cringe?