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Five Nights At Freddy's Thinking.

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Five Nights At Freddy's has many secrets hidden inside. This is just a short thing I thought about the Five Nights At Freddy's animatronics please read more to dive deeper into the "book"

    So, everyone knows what Five Nights At Freddy's is right? (If you don’t something is wrong with you.) Five Nights At Freddy's is also known as Five Nights at Freddy's. A well-known popular game. It's about animatronics who roam at night seeking the night guard. What I was thinking was is there anything to hide in Five Nights At Freddy's? Well other than the 500000000 bajillion other things in the storyline. Any way. I was thinking why did they make three main characters and put the rest aside? Well, you might be saying “well of COURSE you ask. They were built FIRST! They were the favorite of the first ones and they threw the rest out!” Wellllll...NO. Why do you think that? They were NOT the first animatronics made. That would be all the sprig trap stuff and all. But that’s not what I am thinking. From all of the William Afton stuff, one thing points out to me the most. That he killed his own family. Leading to the fact that he killed all these children too. It's crazy, right? Yeah, I thought so. He also made those animatronic suits. Maybe it was not only him. His family helped too. So, if they did, they had ideas TOO. So, if they did, he might not want them to happen. Making him kill them and not make them the most important. He then thrived for blood. So, he then killed the kids that he pointed down to kill, so he had the number of animatronics in his head so that’s how many kids he killed. These were the first kids killed that he ever did kill. Just so happening that they possess the animatronics of their choice. Maybe since they were just killed, they still have a sense of mind. Knowing what they like or don’t. What I'm getting to be that they knew what animal they liked so then they took that one and went on from there. Them being one of the first active NOT the first built made them originals. Like first to be working which made it a tradition for them to be up to stage ALL the time. And being the main animatronics.

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382 days ago
I like it. Thumbs up for you. *thumbs up emoji sticky note of forehead*
400 days ago
I AM one of those chessy righters that comment on evrey one of there posts but uh thanks for reading it! Or...Yaknow just jumping to the comments...i guess. (if you did what did you wnat to see? did you expect a comversation about dogs?)