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The INCREDIBLE Freddy Fazbear!

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We all know Freddy Fazbear is an incredible animatronic, but we all don't know what he does in the mornings? Read on and FIND OUT!

    Freddy Fazbear leapt from under his starry duvet and looked out of his cringy curtains. Light streamed in from the cold October morning in Minot, North Dakota. Then Freddy Fazbear pulled on his fancy blue trousers and leapt through the bedroom door, sending fragments of it flying into the bathroom mirror. The bathroom mirror cracked into several elegant spider's webs, so when Fazbear went to do his teeth he got the fright of his life. Because what they don't tell you is that Fazbear may be scary, but boy oh boy he cannot abide spiders! Upon seeing the mirror Fazbear leapt through the bannister, sending bits of oak down into his pink porch.

    Landing on the very same porch I was just talking about (the pink one friends; if you were paying attention) he began to dance and prance, throwing his fists into the wall using his mighty mechanical biceps. Soon he had punched a hole in the wall big enough to sit in, so he blundered into the kitchen, sending his hands into the cabinets and removing them from the walls. He grabbed a very unpleasant looking multicoloured pop tart, lathered with noxious E-numbers, and began to eat it, washing it down with a glassful of apple juice. The apple juice was displaced from Fazbear's stomach and watered the carpet.

    'Curses' said Fazbear 'If I don't fill my beige body with something, I will starve!' So he ate the glass noisily, waking his neighbour, a Miss Briggs as it happened. Then Fazbear leapt through his front door. Now Fazbear was dancing and prancing in the street, with cringe-worthy music streaming from his lower elbow. 'Whoot!' Shouted Fazbear, and began to sing along, literally moving and grooving in the street.

    'You wanna buy it on the headlights. Yeah, a man moving and grooving in the grotty dear lights. Yeah yeah down in the smelly burger bar smelling of vinegar breath. Yeah dancing like a rabbit in the headlights he sang groovily, tilting his head cooly.

    Now Fazbear went to work. Fazbear worked in a train depot. Fazbear entered the train depot and began to work, hitting a steel barge pole with a hammer. A work friend called Liz turned up and looked at Fazbear, then got to work herself rather than just lazing about, hitting at another steel barge pole with a serving spoon. 'Hey Fazzy' she said. 'How about we bunk off and play chess?' 'Yeah' said Fazzy cooly and produced a chessboard from his ears. They sat at a table in the cold morning sun and set up the pieces. Poor Fazbear's brain was not made of the brain but was made of springs and roundabouts, and try as he might, he couldn't play chess. 'You've just blundered your king, Fazzy' said the cool Liz, moving a knight intellectually and causing checkmate. Fazbear scratched his head and then picked up and ate one of the rooks. Liz laughed but then the manager turned up. Her name was Sergeant Muchinenyika. 'Hey, what are you doing you foolish guys' she asserted painfully. We're here to build wheels, not to lark about eating jellied eels'. Fazbear looked at her cooly, then heaved his wobbling body to its feet.

    Muchinenyika drew a blaster pistol and pointed it at Fazbear, but Fazbear didn't care and so she put it away. Then Fazbear went home. At home, he found his other neighbor, a Mr. Fritz, dancing and prancing in his garden. Freddy's garden was supposed to look like it was from the 90s, with cold red roses and so on, so it blew the last spring when he encountered old Mr. Fritz. Fazbear pad footed into the garden and caught Mr. Fritz by his Adam's Apple and also his leg, then deposited Mr. Fritz back in his garden. Fritz was taken aback. 'Oh betterment he said, clutching his head 'I should have never got out of bed'. Fazbear looked at him cooly. However, suddenly Sergeant Muchinenyika arrived, lugging a big bit of rope.

    Behind the Sergeant, herself were two policemen, carrying portly pistols. 'Stand down Fazbear' said the pistols. 'No' said Fazbear, beginning to dance a cringy jig. The pistols fired but bounced off Fazbear's tough body. Fazzy got the hose and sprayed the police with cold water. They ran off. Then he sprayed Muchinenyika in the noggin. She fled into the sewers and then hid in a coffee shop on the other side of the freezing town. Now Fazbear was tired so he fell asleep among the roses. Good old bear. THE END

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