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Stuck in Minecraft

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You loved to play Minecraft and watch Youtubers but one day you wake up and you’re in Minecraft with your favorite Youtubers. Will you make it out alive? Will anyone die? Will you be caught in a love triangle?

    Hi I'm Bailey here some stuff about me I love animals I watch YouTube almost every day. I looooove Minecraft my dream job is a Youtuber, ok so th
    Hi I'm Bailey here some stuff about me I love animals I watch YouTube almost every day. I looooove Minecraft my dream job is a Youtuber, ok so that's my life ya so let's get to the story
    One day I got home from school super tired of course and I logged on Minecraft since it was Friday then my screen went blue I restarted it yet it still was blue then I saw words then I blacked out

    I woke up the world was all blocks I was not at home then I realized I was in Minecraft at least I always knew what to do so I walked to a tree and punched it and it really hurt then I saw a chest I opened it up to see wood saplings apples and sticks so I took them all then I looked at the sky the sun was setting I grew worried I had nothing to protect myself then I saw a group of zombies I knew I could take them then creepers came then I turned around and ran

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25 days ago
marc you fogot abowt skelytons
25 days ago
im realy good at minecraft
44 days ago
i thought this was a site for quizzes
56 days ago
I thought this was a site for quizzes ?
58 days ago
do you know aphmau minecraft?
58 days ago
guys I don't even know what minecraft is
79 days ago
Omg AlexDanoob that sounds like the worst thing ever all my mom does is not let me do in app purchases (and not as a punishment)😱😢
79 days ago
I am soooooo good at building but a total noob at surviving😼🙀
171 days ago
I love Minecraft my little brother get mad when I don’t play different games with him
247 days ago
I would risk the wood so that I could tower
374 days ago
LDshadowlady's my fav. and jacksepticeye
378 days ago
Gamerboy80 and sammygreen and Dantdm are the best.
387 days ago
Also, Preston and unspeakable and moosecraft are bad. I like hermitcraft. My favourite one is rendog or good times with scar
387 days ago
AlexDaNoob, oh god. I couldn't survive that torture! I feel so sorry for you!
396 days ago
My life is over my parents aren’t letting me play Minecraft for two years And they’ve been serious I haven’t been playing Minecraft for the last year please send help😩🤧😶
396 days ago
Preston plays is the worst YouTuber on earth he fakes every time he does a YouTube video
430 days ago
448 days ago
Mine is AA12 hes the best minecraft youtuber.
498 days ago
498 days ago
Meh fave youtuber is Prestonplayz