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In Another World (A Minecraft Story)

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3 Chapter - 914 Words - Developed by: - Developed on: - 834 taken-The story is currently being written

Hope you enjoy!

    One day I was trying to get my computer to load. It was loading so slow! I could have gone to the store and back and It would still be loading! Sense it was taking forever, I fell asleep. When I woke up I found myself in a blocky like world! I was in Minecraft! I was so excited! I had always wondered what it be like if I was a Minecraft person. So it looked like there was nothing around so I started punching the tree. It hurt a lot! “Ow!” I cried, then I saw a little chicken. “Hi there little guy.” A said in a whisper. It walked over to me and gave me a flower! “Wow, this is a lot cooler when I’m actuarially in the game!” I said as I took the flower. It seemed like It wanted to be my friend. So after I punched like five trees down, I got use to the pain. I named my chicken Philip, because, well, I don’t know, I liked it! After I build a house, it became night. I had made a wood sword to protect myself and Phillip. Then I heard I bang on my door! “Stay hear Phillip.” I whispered as I slowly walked over to the door and opened it! It was a zombie! I knew what to do, I fought the Zombie. It was a bit harder to fight them if your a Minecraft person and you have never used a sword before. When I finally killed it, I closed the door and sat next to Phillip and fell asleep on the floor…

    The next morning I figured there would be some burning skeletons out here somewhere. While I was looking for them I saw a girl! She was fighting the about five creepers that were after her. I ran over with my sword and attacked them too. After they were dead, I saw that she looked a lot like a Minecraft Character I had seen before! “Thanks for helping me, I’m Petra, what's your name?” She asked, I knew it! It was Petra from Minecraft Story Mode! I could totally trust this person. “I’m Della, and this is Phillip!” I replied, Petra bent done and pet the chicken. “Are you new around here?” She asked,
    “Yeah, I was just wondering around. My house is over there.” I said pointing to my little hut.
    “Then you should come to EnderCon with me, It's a great place to go and have fun!” So she showed us the way to MineCon. When we got there it was very big! Then I saw someone that looked like Lukas! This was the best day ever! “Hey Petra? Have you seen Axel lately?” He asked,
    “No, why?”
    “Well, we got into a fight yesterday and he accidentally hurt me, so now he won’t talk to me or anyone else.” He replied, I could see that his hand was wrapped in a bandage. This was getting to real! “Look there he is!” A yelled, as I ran towards Axel, the other two, along with Phillip followed me. Axel saw us running and stopped. “What are you guys doing?” He asked,
    “I was looking for you Axel! You can’t just drop some TNT like that and walk away!” Then all of a sudden a big crash came from the center of EnderCon! “What in the name of the Order was that!” Yelled Petra, then we saw Olivia and Jesse running towards us.
    “Guys a big meteor just came from space and hit the middle of EnderCon!” Jesse exclaimed, then he just looked at me! I didn’t know why but then he spoke. “Two questions! One, who are you? And Two, can you help us?” He asked me,
    “Me? But I’m only 13!” I cried,
    “I’m 13 too, but serenely what is your name?”
    “Della, and okay I’ll help you!” I said, so we ran towards the middle of EnderCon and Olivia gave me a few buckets of water so we could stop all the fire from getting everywhere! I couldn’t believe I was with my hero’s of Minecraft, and helping them! I was so happy…

    After all the commotion, I saw Lukas and Axel arguing again!
    “…You should have stopped the moment I said so!” Yelled Axel,
    “Well… you… ugh!” Lukas exclaimed, Jesse and I ran over and tried to stop this fight. I was holding Lukas back while Jesse was trying to push Axel back over to where the meteor hit. “Lukas, why are you auguring with Axel? You and I both know he is much stronger then you.” I said trying to convince him. Lukas sighed, and went over to one of the booths and sat next to it. Phillip and I followed him…

    To Be Continued…

    I will make a part 2 soon.

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212 days ago
you should add the witherstorm in part 3 for a few action scenes
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718 days ago
Plot twist...
780 days ago
I love this moremoremore