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In Another World (A Minecraft Story) Part Two

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2 Chapter - 908 Words - Developed by: - Developed on: - 866 taken-The story is currently being written

    This is the summery of Part One:

    One day Della was waiting for her computer to load, but sense it was taking FOREVER, she fell asleep. When she woke up she was in Minecraft! She had already spent a day in Minecraft and had already made a friend, who was a chicken named Phillip. The second day in Minecraft, I met one of the Minecraft Story Mode characters, Petra. She showed me EnderCon, and I got to meet all of her friends. And a big asteroid hit EnderCon and I help Jesse and his friends put out all the fire around it.

    Part Two:

    Phillip and I found Lukas looking at his hand. He had unwrapped it, so not I could see it now. It was black and blue all over.

    “Lukas are you okay?” I asked, he looked up startled and put his hand behind his back.

    “I’m fine.” He paused, then stood up. “How do you know about Axel’s strength?” I didn’t want to tell him I was from a different world, so I somewhat lied.

    “Just a hunch. I always assume that the big guys are the strong ones. I’m not saying you don’t look strong!” Lukas laughed,

    “Don’t worry, I’m not that strong anyways.” He said as we walked over to the asteroid. “So this is Jesse and Olivia, and you have already met Axel and Petra.” I really did enjoy hanging with Lukas, everyone always saw him as the weak and scared one. But I thought he was kinda cute...

    “Axel, what do you have to say to Lukas?” Said Olivia, she looked over at me and smiled shyly. I didn’t know if this was a smile that meant come over here, or just hello. I smiled back at her, and she walked over to me, while Axel was thinking.

    “You look like the kind of person who could get people to do things for you, could you help me?” Asked Olivia, I nodded my head and we went over to Axel.

    “Hey Axel, are you thinking of something to say to Lukas?” I asked him.

    “Yeah, I kinda feel bad about what I did.”

    “Axel, you should feel bad! What if someone did that to you?” Axel pondered this a while. He went over to Lukas and it looked like he was going to apologize! Then Axel punched Lukas in the face!

    “Axel! What was that?” Yelled Olivia, she ran over to Axel and slapped him in the face, while the rest of us ran over to Lukas.

    “Lukas are you okay?” Jess asked, this was the worst! I had never seen Axel like this! Then all of a sudden I woke up? Was it all a dream? Then I looked over to my left and I saw Phillip!

    “Phillip? How did you get here?” Then I saw that it was just my stuffed Minecraft chicken. “How awkward…” I said to myself. I looked at my clock, it was 7:30 am. I must have fallen asleep and had a dream! Then my mom came into the room.

    “Oh, your already up! Get dressed, and come down stairs.” then we heard the door bell ring. “I’ll get that.” She said as she walked out of my room. I got dressed as fast as I could to see who was there. When I got into the entry, I couldn’t believe it! There was a family at our door and their kids looked exactly like Jesse and his friends! But not Minecraft.

    “Hello, were new in town and we forgot how to get to the school. Could you help us?” Asked the man.

    “Well its not too far from here. My daughter walks to school so she could take them. Is that okay Della?” My mom asked,

    “Yeah, that would be fine.” I replied.
    After I got ready I walked our new neighbor’s kids to school.

    “Do you do this everyday?” Asked the one that looked like Axel.

    “Yeah, is there a problem with that?”

    “Well, it's just that walking long distances is not my thing.” We all laughed.

    “Gosh, where are my manners! I’m Della, what are your names?” I asked,

    “Well, I’m Jesse, that's Olivia, Axel, Petra, and Lukas.” I couldn’t believe it, they WERE Jesse and his friends! “By the way you look a lot like the girl I had in my dream last night.” Jesse said. My jaw had just dropped and I stopped walking and then I passed out…

    I will make a part three soon too!

    P.S. Please tell me some Ideas I should put in the story!

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219 days ago
you should add the witherstorm in part 3 for a few action scenes
566 days ago
725 days ago
Plot twist...
787 days ago
I love this moremoremore