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ChirpyBuilder's tale

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A Minecraft tale

chapter I: ChirpyBuilder

Hi my name is ChirpyBuilder and I am Emily's Minecraft
character that she uses. One day I got to fly around in LLAMALAND! that day I went to the end portal that Emily's brother made near a village and that day we also made a bouncy castle... or was that the day after? Another day I went to Oak Valley Golf Course but I couldn't fly there but I found a lot of diamonds!

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1057 days ago
Okay I've made a list. #Kaity (Snow's Club)
1060 days ago
Um… I just don't know what to write
1060 days ago
p.p.s The bouncy castle was made in the end
1060 days ago
Thanks and yes I'm planning on more.

p.s. LLAMALAND's my theme park I'm making
1060 days ago
Omg hi I love minecraft especially foxes pls write morw please.??????