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Ivy vs The Creepers: Part 2

4 Chapter - 856 Words - Developed by:
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Alex joins Ivy on her venture to defeat the creepers and find her family


    The creepers were closing in. What could Ivy do? She stepped back into the corner they'd trapped her in. Suddenly, with a burst of energy, she jumped up to the branch above. Funny, how trees are gravity defying, but people are not. Ivy felt the shake as almost all of the creepers exploded at once, taking most of the tree with it. Ivy was left to stand in between one wood and one leaf block. She crouched down and held onto the tree bark as hard as she could. The rest exploded. The tree was gone. Was this the end? No... It couldn't be! Ivy braced for impact, then her mind went blank.


    Ivy awoke to find herself in a cave. It was dimly lit. She was closed in a cage. Where was she? Who had brought her here?

    "You're awake!" Ivy turned around. A girl a little younger than her, maybe 12, with fiery straight red her and dazzling big green eyes, turned to see her. "I'm Alex." She said. "Erm. I'm Ivy." "Nice to meet you." "Where am I?" "Well, you're in Herobrine's base." "Why am I in a cage?" "Herobrine turned evil after he was struck by lighting. He was my third cousin, Steve's, brother. They grew up together, but now he rules the underworld, and he's somehow gotten control of the creepers." Ivy was speechless. "I know a lot about the overworld, but he's kept me down here, to work and help him capture mobs and people like you." "Does he have more people?" "The last group escaped in the explosion. Most of them, anyways. Some of them died and spawned in the otherworlds, never to be seen by us again." "The otherworlds?" "They're other generated worlds. If we die here, we get sent to one. This is hardcore, the next one is normal. Anyways, are you hurt?" Ivy shook her head. "I wish I could get you out somehow, but this is super enforced."

    Alex ran to the desk she had been sitting at. "Ivy, if you close your eyes for exactly three seconds, and make exactly four fists on one hand, I'll get you out."

    Ivy closed her eyes and made a fist. Alex flipped a lever.

    Ivy felt a zap of electricity flowing through her. She went into shock, but recovered a minute later."


    Alex grabbed her backpack. "We have one minute before the alarm." "Why one minute?" "Herobrine thinks he enforced it enough that no one can leave in one minute." Alex ducked and jumped through the traps, as if she'd made them. She probably had, working for Herobrine.

    They made it out of the cave, and it closed behind them. "He can't come after us. Without fire, he can't live. But he can't burn his new empire just yet."

    Alex and Ivy ran quickly away, until they were far far away.

    Alex found a small clearing in the forest and set up camp. "You know a lot up here. Now I feel like a noob. They used to look up to me."

    "That's never going to change. I'm never staying in one place again."

    The Battle

    Alex woke Ivy up the next day. "They're coming. I saw them. Herobrine can't reach us, but he must've sent them to follow us. They're heading straight for us, we have to go, quick." Ivy helped take down the tents and pack up, then they ran. "How did you spot them?" Ivy asked. "Herobrine. He let's me see anything going on. Like a crystal ball. I'm trying to get to him, but he's strong. I use my power to scout." "Is that how you saw I was awake before I really was?" "Yeah. Let's go!" Alex stopped talking in time for Ivy to make it over a big fallen tree.

    Suddenly, Ivy heard it. titititit

    It was the creepers. It had to be.

    Watch out for part three!

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