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Raid After Raid

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So this actually happened in Minecraft yesterday.

    My brother and I (let's call him S) decided to play Minecraft yesterday. S found a Pillager outpost and asked me if we should go there and raid it, which would them make them raid the next village we went to in return. I agreed. S had about 14 wolves at the time, and they attacked whoever S attacked and whoever attacked them. So after we raided the pillager's chest, we went home to the fairly impressive castle S had made and soon, a raid started. We'd been in a few raids before, but I don't think many in survival, which is what this world was in. Survival and hard. We destroyed the first few rounds. But soon it seemed their raids would never end. I started dying. S had so many wolves he only died once or twice in the whole raid, but when it was creative (cheats are on) I didn't want to cheat too much and so, had mismatched armor. Leather boots aren't the best. But I had some iron and chain mail. Evokers would hit me once and get me down to half a heart, making me die several times in a row, until I had S distract them. I used two totems of undying, shot an illager beast a couple times, then S turned it into creative and I exchanged my armor for diamond. Then we changed into survival. I was in the structure in the center of the castle where the villagers live, in a room with no door. So I shot two illager beasts down from there. It felt like the raid should have ended long ago, and even more raids came after that. Not too long later, though, S and I emerged victorious from the raid with Hero Of The Village Status. Discounts for life! But I decided to explore a bit soon after, then make a mine.
    So there it is. The Story of Many Minecraft Raids. This actually happened! Please comment.

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1076 days ago
IVE concered bad omen too
1144 days ago
Tysm Jack, and Dorgus!
I will keep on writing (and if you scroll down and hit on the "more from AddyNick" button you will see... I have written MANY things. But this is the only Minecraft story)
1187 days ago
this is so radical. I'm crying in the club right now.
right more stories I'd like to hear your mighty tales 😔😭😭💦
I love your story you brave soul 😌🥺👉🤝✨✨✌️🥺😌👈💕🤝🤏🥺✨✌️
1187 days ago
This is sooooo cool! Please write more!
1400 days ago
Lol Kaity I'm not Glitch. That's funny 😂 but the wolves murdering you isn't. My brother and I had wolves yesterday and every time we accidentally hit each other the wolves would attack them
1400 days ago
Cooooooolll I did that once.

It happened almost the exact way

Omg are u glitch and my SIS??????

Addy my sis had a bunch of wolves and they murdered me, also. And the whole into creative thing lol.