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The SubSpace Stupidity

1 Chapter - 128 Words - Developed by:
- Updated on: - 2,770 taken- The story is completed

Parody of Super Smash Bros Brawl

    Dagget and Norbert stand as Garfield defeats Plank and then are kidnapped by Waluigi (the main baddie) and Plank just lies there as Garfield gets Koed, ending all hope, until Dribble and Spitz come and use their awesomeness and save everyone apart from the Fire Emblem characters and Snake (there is a penalty for killing Mr.Game and Watch) who got turned into box arts with angry Kirbies on.

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833 days ago
I get not saving the Fire Emblem characters (cause there are too many of those 🌻s), but why wouldn’t you save Snake? He’s suffered enough being trapped in Konami’s pa🌻o machines. *sees upload date* Oh. Never mind. But my point still stands!