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The German teacher

1 Chapter - 419 Words - Developed by:
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This is a fan fiction for charizard x gaming.

CharmX, if you're reading this, hope you'll get over your fear of girls, claustrophobia and the fear of your German teacher. I also hope that you'll reach 100 subs soon. Boku no pico is waiting for you 😉

    The bell rang. CharmX grabbed all of his books. Noticed that he didn't have him German homework done. Fearfully, he walks down the hall, to his German teacher's room. He opened the door, 5 minutes late. There she was. Sitting on her comfortable chair. All of his friends already in their seats.
    "Why are you late?" She asked.
    CharmX looked up at her. Her eyes were filled with anger.
    "Miss, I was talking to my year head."
    His German teacher was looking at him, looked like if she had been trying to get into his head. CharmX walked over to his place.
    "No, you stand at the back of the class."
    CharmX sighed and walked over to the back of the class. His best friend looked over at him and smiled. Looked like she was going to laugh but didn't want to end up like him.
    "I'm going to check your homework now."
    CharmX looked up at her.
    "Miss, I forgot to do my homework."
    She looked so furious. Looked like she would love to strangle him to death.
    "Meet me tomorrow at lunch time."
    He got a detention, not something he'd like to have, but he had to. He thought to himself "Jesus, wouldn't it be awesome if she'd fall from stairs or something?"
    The bell rang, he walked out of the room, joy and happiness. He survived another class with her!
    Soon, he stopped smiling when he heard an ambulance. There she was, his German teacher, fell from the top stair, all the way down. CharmX didn't believe it happened. Soon, he realized that what he wishes for will happen.

    To be continued

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