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The Shining Star

10 Chapter - 1.507 Words - Developed by:
- Developed on: - 889 taken- The story is completed

Zelda, the Princess of Hyrule has to save Hyrule after Link gets caged in. Will she manage to save Hyrule?

(This is a troll fan fiction for you perverts, dirty minded! Although I made this but eh...)

Chapter 1: Plenty of Fish in the Sea

Bloop, splish, splash!
The waterfall noises comforted Zelda who was bathing herself, she knew Zora’s Domain was nearby, but she didn’t care, no one would see her. Her body was one thing that people liked about her, especially her amazing rear end.
“Whoops.” She bent over to grab her soap bar.
“Huh?” Zelda stood up, looking around, she realized her clothes were gone! She started running outside into the grass. She looked around, even inside the bushes.
“Hello, this isn’t funny, you know!” Zelda yelled out.
Then a figure appeared.
“I never knew you had such a big, round, and juicy booty Zelda, I may like Link, but I’m starting to LOVE you.” Mipha smirked.
“Uhh...” Zelda was embarrassed.
“Do you want your clothes back?” Mipha’s smile grew wider.
“Yes, immediately Mipha...” Zelda yelled.
Mipha looked around and then blew a kiss over.
“W-what?” Zelda was confused.
“Okay...I know this may sound kinda weird but can I possibly touch your booty?” Mipha asked.
“No! Give me my clothing!” Zelda jumped over onto Mipha.
Mipha dodged, “Well then, no clothes for you,” she continued. “Unless you let me do it.” Mipha looked at Zelda’s butt.
Zelda was clearly embarrassed, no matter how much times she tried Mipha wouldn’t give her clothes back.
“Fine.” Zelda pointed at her butt.
Mipha crouched over and grabbed Zelda’s butt, giving it a good slap. Right when Zelda thought it was over, Mipha started licking her booty and her bush.
“What are you doing, not here!” Zelda yelled.
“What’s it gonna do, princess?” Mipha smirked.
Then they kissed. Zelda held onto Mipha’s butt, harder than she grabbed onto anything else. Mipha started stripping and then they were having sex on the ground.
After 20 minutes, they were done.
“Hehe, look at the mess you made, Mipha.” Zelda said putting on her clothing.
“That was your mess, babe.” It was official, they were dating, but secretly.
“Huh?” Zelda said looking up at the dark sky, she looked at the time, it was 1:30 PM, it should be daytime.
“Oh no...” Mipha said.

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