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Inkling Boy X Octoling Girl (A Splatoon Fan Fiction)

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There’s always been undeniable war between the inklings and octolings, but lately there have been attacks by anonymous people who claimed they were neither inkling or octoling, and when two future lovers meet up, they set out to find the truth.

Caspian was at Blackbelly Skatepark, he was skating with his friends.
“Dude, why do you have your Forge Splattershot Pro? This isn’t ranked battles or turf war.” One of Caspian’s friends pointed out.
“Well, you never know when you may need it.” Caspian put on his headphones, they were playing “Spicy Calimari Inkantation.”
“Good point.” His friend said and continued with his skating.
Caspian was one of the people who almost considered cool. He was pretty laid back, he was smart, and he was funny whenever he could be. His hair was pulled back, it was one of the trendy hairstyles, and he liked it. He wore headphones often with his yellow and black jacket, and yellow shoes. He just wore whatever he liked and whatever was comfortable, so he wore shorts.
Meanwhile, in the sewers under them, was an octoling girl. She was sneaky, sensitive, and more serious than her friends. Unlike her friends, she was often called different because she never accepted to join the Octoling Army Federation, nor did she dress up like one. She had a beanie which couldn’t hold it in all of her hair which was trending, she had a yellow sweater, and she wore zombie hi-horses with her long pants.
Little did these two know that they would later meet up.

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298 days ago
This is amazing, although it never ends what's with that
537 days ago
I’m so sab. Let there be more
Dont let poor innocent reader 🥺 suffer while you laugh with the ability to finish (Sploon 2 fan—they will. They must. The title is literally “Inkling Boy X Octoling Girl.” They must. Right Emily Rose????)
988 days ago
Same inkling and octoling storys are so heart warming!
1273 days ago
I think they should kiss and become girlfriend and boyfriend 💖💖💖
1528 days ago
Make them kiss later. (>-3-)>
1642 days ago
I really like it 😊 but put some pictures
1834 days ago
ok well it dosent say theyre in love and there isnt a part 2