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The Sword That Will Protect

7 Chapter - 2.662 Words - Developed by:
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I don’t own Kid Icarus, Fire Emblem, or the Super Smash Bros series.

“I can’t believe this! She shouldn’t be protecting me every time, I can p-prove myself!” Palutena’s eyes were filled with tears but that didn’t matter as she ran through the forest with heavy rain. She didn’t want anybody getting hurt, not after what happened last time when she was protected by her girlfriend. She stopped running and kneeled down, she gasped for air but she just wasn’t strong enough. Her white dress and white stocking were filled with mud, she looked like a disaster.
“There! Someone we can eat! And it seems it’s the pathetic goddess.” Someone had jumped down, and then somebody else did as well. Palutena couldn’t make their figure out as it was dark but the silhouette was of herself and Lucina.
Lucina’s dark clone ran forward and slashed her sword, Palutena tried to avoid but she was hit and she knocked into the tree. She cried of pain. Palutena felt like the smallest thing in the universe now even though she was a goddess, her dark clone grabbed her and nodded her head which was a signal for something. Dark Lucina had a tighter grip on her sword and then she slashed for Palutena’s neck, she closed her eyes waiting for the painful moments but she heard something-no...Someone, jump down. She opened her eyes and saw Lucina countering the hit sending Dark Lucina and Dark Palutena back.
“Oh, a challenger. Lucina, the honors are yours.” Dark Palutena looked over at Dark Lucina who slowly crept over to Lucina. Palutena looked up at her hero, her best friend, and most importantly, her girlfriend who she had dated for three years now. Lucina had grown stronger and stronger but that still didn’t mean she wasn’t reckless. Lucina looked right and left and Palutena hadn’t noticed that Dark Palutena had warped over to her, Lucina jumped over Palutena and stook her sword into Dark Palutena’s chest, Dark Palutena’s eyes rolled up and she disappeared into dust. But Lucina hadn’t avoided her spear which ripped one of her sleeves, she put a hand over her arm and took it out to find some blood. She wiped it off and fought her own dark clone. Lucina was hit back and Dark Lucina grabbed her by the neck.
“No!” Palutena screamed, Lucina was thrown to the side and luckily when Dark Lucina pulled out her sword it only ripped some of her clothing, leaving injuries everywhere, she landed in a pond.
“Lucina!” Palutena tried to stand up but she couldn’t, her legs were tied onto a tree, her clone must have done something to tie her there. Lucina walked out of the lake and ran towards Dark Lucina who was about to slice Palutena in half but she stook the sword into Dark Lucina’s stomach, she grabbed the corpse and threw it up and away, she didn’t notice that a drop of Dark Lucina’s blood went onto her shoulder, she untied the rope and Palutena stood up, they embraced each other in a warm hug and Lucina fell down with her eyes closed, but still breathing.

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