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The Old Lady Turned New

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I don’t own Metroid, the Wii Fit series, or any other franchises that belong to a rightful owner.

Samus frowned as she looked down at her phone, she was rejected once again and it was for her apparent “old body”. She thought back to the old days when everyone loved her body, her butt wasn’t all raggy and fat, her boobs weren’t falling down, and she was actually slim. She had gained 15 pounds and had lost her true body.
She sighed and stood up from the seat she was at, she had forgotten she was at a cafe so she walked inside and got some donuts and a coffee, when she paid she sat down again and outside hoping someone would actually love her. She was only 35 anyway, but people, even her own friends like Peach and Zelda said she had an old-lady body. She looked over to the window of the cafe and made sure no one was looking and she put a hand under her butt to grab it.
“No...” Samus muttered as she realized how raggy her butt felt, her zero suit even showed signs of her body that was being greatly affected by her young age.
“Hey Samus,” Wii Fit Trainer was jogging down the street when she came along Samus who was eating a donut and drinking some coffee. “Can I ask you something?”
“Yeah...” Samus frowned, what could Wii Fit Trainer say about her.
“Have you been gaining weight on purpose?” Wii Fit Trainer asked as she sat down at the same table as Samus.
Samus looked up and was about to cry.
“N-no, I don’t know. I get rejected for having this pile of an old body, can you l-like help me?” Samus was in tears now as she ate her donut, Wii Fit Trainer had to try her best to not laugh. She had obese clients before but none of them went through this mental breakdown.
“I have to, you’re my friend.” WiFi Fit Trainer grabbed Samus’ hands and reassured her.
“Great, w-when do we start?” Samus wiped the tears from her eyes.
“Today, throw these things away and let’s go to the gym.” WiFi Fit Trainer snatched Samus’ food and drink from her hands and threw them away, she stood up and helped Samus up and they jogged over to the gym.

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