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Family Ski And Snowboard Wii Locations

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Aaaah, the Wii. Everyone misses it. Everyone longs for those fabulous games again. Well, if you are reading this and you have actually done the most reasonable thing possible and KEPT the Wii, then read on! Now this is to tell you the locations of the secrets in Family Ski and Snowboard. (Aka alias We Ski) Basically IT'S A CHEAT!


Right, to find the hidden courses. Number one. From the bottom of the mountain, take lift one up to Raccoon road. From the top of Racoon road, go right and get on the blue lift. This will take you to octopus line. Now from octopus line go down until you see snow panther. Stop. Now there is a small path to the left of Snow Panther. There is signs saying "avalanche zone" ect in front. Don't let that put you off, girls and guys. There's never been any avalanches for me. And I hope there won't be for you either.

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