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The Hero's Adventures part 1

1 Chapter - 385 Words - Developed by:
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Join Link a year after OoT! He's looking for someone.

    The gentle breeze blew on my face as I walked through
    Hyrule Field. It was only a year ago that I landed back in my childhood time after beating Ganon. So now here I was. After the time traveling with Zelda and the Ocarina, my friend Navi disappeared. So I was in place after place looking for her. Thankfully I have Epona because it's not easy going every single place in Hyrule on foot. The last place I was in was Gerudo town, buying everything for camp and looking for Navi.
    My next destination was Kokiri Forest. I was going to see Saria, my friend. I was just thinking that I thought I was a Kokiri.
    I'm not, I'm a Hylian.
    Hours later (long, boring hours) Epona and I arrived at the Forest. A sudden rush of nervousness came over me. Would Saria remember Link, the hero that (technically) saved her? Her friend? As I entered, a lot of people hugged me. Appears that they remember. Where was Saria? Wait! Suddenly I remembered something! Saria used to hang out someplace... was it... The Sacred Forest Meadow? Yes! I headed for the Lost woods.
    I took a left in the Woods and came to a meadow surrounded by walls of rock. There were two tree stumps and I saw a figure with a sunhat on it.
    A little while later I came to the Meadow. Coming from the top of some stairs I heard a melody. I ran up the stairs to see who was making it. A young Kokiri girl with yellow hair and blue eyes looked at me. The ocarina that she was holding fell from her hands. " Link!" She cried as she threw her arms around me.
    Saria and I were reunited at last.

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789 days ago
Hey sorry about the delay! I wrote this in third person because I forgot the person of the last part, oops! :)
How was it?
790 days ago
(This is a fanfiction)