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Bendy and the Ink Machine Fanfic - Workers

7 Chapter - 1.118 Words - Developed by:
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This is a fan fiction about my Bendy and the Ink Machine AU, Workers.

    You’re working on the latest animation, when Ben walks in. “Hey there. That looks good, keep it up” he says as he walks to his desk and starts working. Wow! Ben just complimented me! He’s always so grumpy, I didn’t think he’d like my work! You here a creaking in the floorboards as Sam, the music director, walks around in the walls. Jeez. Why does he go in the walls anyway, all that’s in there is pipes and drywall. You hear the clock ticking as you finish up animating the latest episode. “Phew. Time for a little break.” You say, as you head down the hallway.

    You’ve reached the kitchen when you hear yelling from level P. You hop onto the lift to go check it out. When you arrive, you hear the voices more clearly, the voices of Ben, Ivy, and Joey Drew II. You walk up and peer through the door to try and hear them better. ”You get that no-good music director outta these walls or so help me-“ Joey is apparently very angry Sam does all his writing in there. “Sir, he only goes in there because it’s always so loud, it’s more peaceful in there. I admit I’ve gone in myself a few times.” Ben says. He looks really serious, usually he just looks tired. Mr. Drew, please. Calm down for now, and we can talk about it after work. I’ll get Sam to come discuss it with us. Ivy is a good problem solver. Word has it when Mr. Drew freaks out and gets really mad, she’s the only one who can calm him down. Fine. Get me that music director outta these walls or he’ll be outta this job. I’m lookin at you too, Ben.

    Later on, you’re just finishing up, and you hear a loud thud from the wall nearby. You and Ben exchange a concerned look, and go to check if Sam is okay. “Sam?” You say “Are you in here? Are you okay?” Ben rounds a bend to where we heard the sound, and find Sam collapsed on the ground! “We have to get him over to the infirmary, stat!” Ben says, grabbing Sam and picking him up. You run out of the walls and into the infirmary, and find a nurse. She swivels to see you and calmly takes Sam out of Ben’s arms. She lays him down on one of the beds, and you both sit down and wait for him to wake up.

    Wha- Ben? Y/N? Is that you? What are you doing here? “You collapsed in the walls near us, we found you and took you here.” Ben explains. Oh. I must’ve forgotten to eat again. “Mr. Lawrence is hypoglycemic, he needs to eat every few hours or his blood pressure drops.” The nurse explains. You suddenly hear a stomping down the stairs next to you. What do you all think you’re doing! Get back to work, all of you! “Sir plea-“ Ben says, but is then cut off by Mr. Drew. I don’t wanna hear it! This happens every few weeks, I know a scam when I see it! We have to function at full capacity if you wanna keep your jobs! You shrink down into your seat, not knowing what to do.

    “Oh no. Oh crap, we’re screwed.” Ben mumbles, his face in his hands. “No way we can recover from this, we’re dead, what’ll I tell the boys, I don’t know what to-“ Ben is interrupted by your hand on his back. “We’ll get through this, if I can just get him to listen to reason.” You say. Uh, if it helps any, I know he really likes Norman. He might consider letting us keep our jobs if it came from someone he respected. “Sam! You’re a genius!” Ben says, jumping out of his seat. “I’ll get Mr. Polk right now!

    “Mr. Polk?” Ben asks. Geh, whaddaya want, kid? “ We need to convince Mr. Drew of something, but we need your help.” Ben says. “He wants to fire us because we rescued Sam when he collapsed in the walls, but Mr. Drew doesn’t believe the fact that he’s hypoglycemic. We need you to reason with him so we can keep our jobs. Hmmm. Alright kid, I’ll give it a shot. “Thank you Mr. Po-Call me Norman. “Right. Thank you, Norman!” You say, walking out of the projectionist’s booth.

    Joey. Polk. Long time no see, eh? I wanted to discuss something with you. Sure, I can make time. Come into my office, we can talk over coffee. They walk into Joey’s office, and sit down. Heard about this whole thing where Sam fell down and you got fairly mad at Ben and Y/N. They were just helping, ya know. Sam’s hypoglycemic. What does that even mean? It means need has to eat every few hours, or his blood pressure drops, and he collapses. You’re kidding. We did medical tests when he was hired, there wasn’t any of that stuff. Did ya consider the fact it happens regularly? You’re starvin him, and no wonder he hides in the walls, if ya caught him eating, I reckon you’d be plenty mad. I- well-I-C'mon, Joe. Ya know it’s the right thing to do. Let me keep their jobs, they were just tryin to help. Ugh, fine. Go spread the news, I need some lunch.

    This is the End of this part. Hope you enjoyed!

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