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Among Us: The True Story (Prologue)

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It is also based on the game, Among Us, that has recently became very popular amongst all gamers. I'm sorry if I did something wrong. If so, tell me in the comments! In addition, if you have suggestions about upcoming chapters, or just comments about this story, then type it up in the comments! Thank you for reading!

    Oh God, please, please, please let me live. What did I even do wrong? What did I do to deserve this?
    Sergeant Felicity Jones ran through the corridors, carefully watching her front and back, just in case the impostor ambushed her. It was dark, like the shadows in the countryside when the sun was on the other side of the earth. Her panting was short, her heart almost bursting out of her chest. After all, she was trying to escape, escape from a deadly monster. Felicity noted in her head that if she ever, even with the slightest possibility of surviving, was able to flee from the claws of this impostor, she would have to shed the next couple years of her life in a therapy clinic. But before she could even put that idea into her head, she saw a pool of dark, red blood, just a couple feet away from the communication room. Sitting on top of that pool was a body. The person appeared to not be moving, but they seemed familiar. Wait, no. It couldn’t be… Is that, Jeremy? Felicity didn’t have any choice, but to surrender to her curiosity and figure out who that was, or who it was.
    As she stepped closer and closer to the body in Shields, she slowly began to realize that that body was really Jeremy. And that he was dead. Even in the dark, she was still able to recognize his face. The blood pool was slowly increasing with his blood. His mouth and nose was pouring out with blood. His back was slashed, and there was a small hole, right near his heart. This was the work of the monster.
    “NO, JEREMY, NO!” she screamed, but quietly enough for the impostor not to hear her. Felicity ran up to the body and slapped a hand across Jeremy’s face. No answer. “ANSWER ME, PLEASE! WE’RE SUPPOSED TO MAKE IT OUT TOGETHER!”
    Suddenly, it hit her. The thoughts came rushing through her body like adrenaline. Jeremy was gone. Taylor, wait. If Jeremy was really dead, then that made Felicity alone, alone with an impostor. Then that would mean… God, no, it couldn’t be Taylor… She was there when I was scared, and she told me it was going to be alright. It couldn’t be- Her thoughts were cut short, when she heard footsteps coming from the left of her. Felicity was hesitant to look around, but she couldn’t help it.
    Across the corridor, she saw Taylor, her best friend. Felicity hadn’t gone to realize that it was really her. Taylor had been there, through thick and thin, at her bad moments and good.
    “Taylor, s-stay away from me,” Felicity whispered, but the impostor kept on coming. She tried again. “Taylor, get the hell away from me.”
    “Oh, I’m not Taylor, but you can keep calling me that. No worries,” the monster replied, with the least bit of stopping. “But, I guess you can’t call me that anymore. You won’t be alive to see everyone you love dead. Well, you will be able to see Taylor. Just down below. Tell her that I said hi!”
    Felicity stumbled on her feet, and tried to get away from the impostor. But she bumped into the guardrail, forcing Felicity to stare at the face of the alien.
    “Please, no-” Felicity began to cry.
    “Awww, you poor little baby. I know!” the monster said in delight. “How about you die, so that you don’t have to cry anymore? That will surely make you feel better. See ya on the flip side, Felicity.”
    Then the alien opened up its entire body, and out came a tongue, thin, but sharp. Felicity tried to dodge the tongue, but it was too late. It pierced through her head, inevitably killing her. Her body dropped dead on the floor, and she too met the same fate as those before her.

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513 days ago
I loved it! Keep on working on more! I especially like all the detail you put in there! But I agree, it took a bit long to read.
724 days ago
Kinda sussy not haram halal moment
731 days ago
Wayyyyyy toooooo loooonnnggg
841 days ago
i like it, but it took a bit of time to read
862 days ago
too long😵😵😵
907 days ago
i just want to say... oof
914 days ago
ok, in case anyone didn't see the link for chapter 1, here it is: https://www.allthetests.com/fan-fiction/games/quiz38/1605203432/among-us-the-true-story-chapter-1

thank you for reading!
916 days ago
Whoa...Scarlet that was awesome!!!!
918 days ago
And scarlet. I think I got what that girl meant. Its silly.
She mean she don understands why the story starts this way. But somebooks start like this. You know nothing about the story. And then on the next chapter it all goes explaining.
My sister had the same problem with one story i was writing don worry. She was only someone who had nothing better to do but criticize. :(
918 days ago
I have never played this game scarlet but this seems to be a great story.
I look forward to what's next.
I really write more romantic things. And also less bloody but I love action movies. And this is a great story. :)
931 days ago
Fnaf oc do not steal roxy afton - what makes no sense?
932 days ago
makes no sense
938 days ago
if you didn't see the link for the newest chapter, here it is!

939 days ago
Lol scarlet- it's ok
939 days ago
ok, sry everyone... she just wont stop...
939 days ago
awesome! :) cant wait for more!
939 days ago
agh sry again, she took it and changed the name, ima have to lecture her that everyone will know it’s her
939 days ago
wow! i also love among us too!!! this is an awesome story! good luck with your other chapters scarlet!
939 days ago
Lol ok now I see what you are talking about
939 days ago
Oh ok that make more sense