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Among Us: The True Story (Chapter 1)

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Yay! Chapter 1's here! thanks for reading everyone!

    DATE: AUGUST 12, 2038

    Twenty-two year-old Jenny Tye stared at the sunset from the window in front of her bed. Wow, I can’t believe it. In TWO MONTHS I WILL BE IN SPACE! Jenny’s mind lit up, pulled her eyes away from the beautiful sunset. Around her was a small white desk, decorated with stickers and pictures of her friends, Charli and Alex. There was also a closet, filled with her clothes and some extra storage space. But Jenny wouldn’t live in this small space anymore. Soon enough, she would be in space. She was ecstatic with the newly found information from Mission Control. They had told the ten crew mates they would be going to space in two months. Jenny heard a knock on her door. “Who is it?” she asked.
    “Jenny, it’s me, James!” said the voice behind the door. “C’mon, we’re supposed to eat dinner soon. Whatever you are doing there, you can finish it later! Now, let’s go! ‘Cause tonight, we’re having some pasta!” She then heard footsteps walking away from her room, supposedly going to the dinner hall.
    Jenny chuckled, James is really nice. I sure wish that I could tell him how I feel. Just thinking about his coarse black hair and his sheepish grin makes me smile. But… She frowned. I guess he likes someone else. Jenny slid off her bed and put on her comfy slippers. She quickly trotted towards the door and it automatically opened. It was a small walk towards the cafeteria. Then something caught her eye. Someone left their room open, but Jenny hadn’t known who. Out of nowhere, Charli appeared from behind.
    “BOO!” Charli screamed, frightening Jenny.
    “Oh, sorry, Jenny. I thought you were Alex. Sorry!” Charli apologized.
    “It’s alright, Charli.”
    Charli’s black hair waved through the air. She was smaller than some, but she could do anything that everyone else could and could not do. Despite the slim chance of even getting past the written exams and the physical exams, Jenny, Charli, and Alex managed to get on the same team in Mira HQ’s Interstellar Space Program. Their plan? To explore and find different planets that are suitable for human life. But soon, this small crew, the crew that humanity had set their hopes on, would travel to Polus, a planet that was discovered by scientists eighteen years ago.
    Back at dinner, everyone was devouring the delicious food that was set before them. Jenny had chosen to eat the star food of the night, pasta. The pasta calmed her nerves, and the sauce was delicious. Man, this is the best pasta I’ve ever eaten in my life! She looked around, seeing the people she had first met on the first day of training. Jenny was scared, but everyone had let her in, and soon, she was also embraced with the love from her friends. On each side of her, Charli and Alex were attempting to talk over Jenny, but it appeared that it wasn’t going so well. Alex was also a brunette, but with a slight tint of brown. Her joyful appearance made Jenny immediately like her. Beside Alex was Lance, another crew mate. He had light-brown hair and a slightly tanned face. He was also very tall, taller than Jeremy and any other boy she had met. The one thing, however, that stood out more to Jenny was how his ears were very pointy, like the elves that worked in Santa’s Workshop down by the mall. She chuckled, which prompted Henry to spoon some mashed potatoes at her.
    “Got you in the hair, spoon-face!” Henry exclaimed with such delight.
    “ARE YOU SERIOUS, HENRY?” Jenny screamed, stretching over the table to grab the box of napkins.
    Charli immediately stopped talking and began to do her one-of-a-kind death glare at him. Henry gulped in fear, and sank back down in his chair. Though some may have called this playful, they were both in a full-on war. Their rivalry first began on the first day of training, when Henry flicked Charli’s ear with his finger. And what how did Charli react? She grabbed his finger and cracked it. The new team had just met for the first time when Henry was taken to the infirmary, while Charli received a hundred laps around the Olympic-sized pool. Henry was small for a guy like him, but what he lacked in size he made up in intelligence. He had always bragged about having an IQ range from 140 to 200. His red hair was long, almost touching his eyes. Many of the crew asked him to cut it off, but Henry never did. He was always annoying wherever he went, and he was always a pain in the back.
    “Everyone? I have an announcement to make!” The crew’s manager appeared from behind the silver doors of the kitchen. “As you all may have been wondering, yes, you are all going to space!”
    The crew cheered, with a couple of wows and yahoos.
    “Now, now, settle down. We have a lot to do tomorrow. But just remember, in two months, you’ll be seeing Earth from the galaxy above! Tomorrow, you guys will be practicing in the spaceship. Just a demo, so that if you guys mess up, then you can start over! Good night everyone!” The manager walked to the front door of the house, and waved. So, not to be rude, everyone waved back, and went back to eating their food. I can’t wait until we’re in space! YES! Jenny smiled. As she looked around, she began to wonder what everyone was thinking, since no one was silent at the table. I guess they might be thinking about it too. Better finish my food! Everyone ate their scrumptious food, and headed back to bed, dreaming about what they would accomplish in the last frontier.

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784 days ago
I'm whizzing through these, I've finished all the chapters in 1 day!
829 days ago
here's chapter 7 everyone! :)
835 days ago
Ohhh ok got it :))
835 days ago
Keba - oh no they aren't! the prologue is what happened on one of the other ships after the launch, you know with the array of ships next to the skeld...
835 days ago
Btw, are James and Jeremy the same person?
835 days ago
You’re so good at creating characters! :)))
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You've got talent.
I wish I could write as swiftly as you.
May I ask too much of myself.
And if I went my suit would be green. A beautiful light green like my favourite colour
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I'm eating them up!!!!!!!!
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This is awesome scarlet!