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Among Us: The True Story (Chapter 3)

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Ahh, so so sorry that it's late... my computer wasn't letting me lol... thanks for reading!

    DATE: OCTOBER 12, 2038

    “Jenny, are you sure we’re getting there in six hours?”
    “Yes, Alex. I’m sure.”
    Alex Collins nodded in delight. It had been an hour since they had left Mira HQ, and she had already begun to feel homesick. Luckily, there was a phone that could be used to communicate with your loved ones if she wanted to. Still, Alex decided not to just yet and could just call her family later. She headed towards the Cafeteria, or for short, Cafe, to eat lunch. By then, most of the food had disappeared into the mouths of her fellow crew-mates. When Alex reached over to grab some soup, Henry scooped up the last bits. Aw nuts. I missed the teriyaki stew by a hair. Looks like I’ll have to eat some bread instead. Looking around to find an empty seat, Alex caught Charli and Jenny waving to come to join them. She came over and sat down, instantly engaging in a conversation with the group. But then, an alarm sounded, coming from the Communication, or Comms, room. Everyone ran over as Alex slowly began to freak out. After all, the crew’s manager said that whenever there was an alarm, it meant something bad was happening. Something really bad. Once everyone was in the room, Charli rolled the dial on the radio to match the frequency of the message.
    “Hello? Can anyone hear me?” the voice said through the speaker.
    “We read you loud and clear,” Charli spoke. “What seems to be the problem?”
    There was a long pause, caused by the distance from the ship to Earth. The room was filled with silence, some of the crew gulping in fear and still petrified by the ongoing alarm.
    “There has been a breach. If you all remember, our last mission brought home alien eggs, but we hadn’t realized they would mature so soon. They were cute at first, but then, right after you guys left the station, killed one of the managers. We barely have it under control. When I was checking the cameras to locate the aliens, I noticed the aliens entering the bay doors of the ships, including yours,” The scientist paused. “I’m afraid to say, there’s an impostor amongst the crew. They can take the form of anything, even us. If you take a look at the video footage I sent you, they killed that scientist and somehow took the form of him. We didn’t realize they weren’t really human until the alien killed someone. The scientists have learned the aliens are incapable of doing tasks, but they can fake it. If they are doing a visual task, it will be a clear sign that they are the impostor. Since these aliens are capable of taking the form of any being, it can also fit into small spaces, such as the vents. Alert everyone at Polus. I can’t get this broadcast far enough to reach there. It’s up to you to tell them. Finish your tasks. Find the impostor. You have to find it. The only way you can kill it is to eject them into space. You will know it really is the impostor because the aliens turn into its original form if they are thrown into space. The entire fate of the world is counting on you. OH, NO! IT’S HERE! RUN! SAVE YOURSELVES!” Everyone heard the scientist panting and running away. The sound of the steps faded, and then there was a scream, followed by a loud thud.
    Dead silence filled the room. The crew stared at each other. Lance broke up the undeniable quietness.
    “Wait, one of us, right here, right now, is an alien?” he asked, shuddering with fear in his eyes.
    Charli replied slowly, looking unsure, “Yes, there’s an impostor among us.”

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979 days ago
I'm whizzing through these, I've finished all the chapters in 1 day!
1023 days ago
here's chapter 7 everyone! :)
1029 days ago
Ohhh ok got it :))
1029 days ago
Keba - oh no they aren't! the prologue is what happened on one of the other ships after the launch, you know with the array of ships next to the skeld...
1030 days ago
Btw, are James and Jeremy the same person?
1030 days ago
You’re so good at creating characters! :)))
1030 days ago
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1031 days ago
You've got talent.
I wish I could write as swiftly as you.
May I ask too much of myself.
And if I went my suit would be green. A beautiful light green like my favourite colour
1031 days ago
I'm eating them up!!!!!!!!
1035 days ago
YAY! chapter 5's here! (excuse my indentations plz... it isn't working still) thx for reading again! https://www.allthetests.com/quiz38/quiz/1606684789/Among-Us-The-True-Story-Chapter-5
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1044 days ago
whoops wrong one... here:
1044 days ago
here's the link! (idk, why it got deleted...)
1044 days ago
This is awesome scarlet!