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The Hero's Adventures PART 2

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It is finally here! Sorry, I have been so long in writing this second part, I didn't have much time to. A Part 3
will soon be on the way! Thanks!


    Link walked side by side with Saria until they came to Kokiri Forest. Then he said to her, “Saria, I’m sorry, but I have to leave, to find my friend Navi the fairy.”
    “You’re leaving again?” She said, not trying to hide the sadness in her voice.
    “I must.” Link looked at her, his friend through so much. He wondered when he would see her again. Maybe after he found Navi, perhaps.
    After a long hug from Saria, Link departed for the Faron Woods. Maybe Navi would be going there instead of the Lost Woods for some reason. He estimated it would be about 7 days to get to Faron Woods.
    As he was walking out of Kokiri Forest into Hyrule Field, his mind wandered back to the figure he had seen in the Lost Woods earlier. It had what looked like a straw hat on, as well as straw clothes. He had noticed that it had a beak, too. What was it? He had a feeling he’d meet it again. He had heard of a race that originated from who knows where the Skull Kids. Legend said that when non-fairy folk got stuck in the Lost Woods, they eventually turned into Skull Kids or Stalfos. While Link was thinking all this, he came to Kakariko village, for it had been a long walk.
    As Link entered the village, he decided he was going to find a place to sleep, for tomorrow he would have a whole day’s journey to be ready for. He entered Impa’s old house, and as he did so, the door slammed shut and he was locked in. Then all of a sudden, the candles that lit the house went out. He looked around in surprise as a cold draft blew, bringing in the sense of pure evil. He wished Navi were here, but that thought was interrupted by a sudden movement in the darkness. “Sorry to have scared you, young hero.”
    The shrill voice echoed inside Link’s head as the figure continued, “I have errands in this world, so I came here. Let me light the candles again.” The character, by the sound of the voice, was a man. Light flooded the room as the candles were re-lit, and the person was indeed a man. Dressed in a purple suit, with red-orange hair, and a creepy, unnatural smile, he stood there, bent over slightly under the weight of his huge backpack. The Happy Mask Salesman had returned to Link.
    “Wh-what are you doing here?” Link asked the Salesman nervously.
    “I was merely looking for a place to spend the night, and fancy I should run into you!” He replied merrily.
    “But don’t you sleep in the wilderness or something?” Link asked, not sure of what was going on. The Mask Salesman did not reply. Instead, he started setting up his sleeping place, seemingly forgetting Link was there. Link shrugged, and not wanting to spend the night with such an unnerving character, hastily but silently made his way out of the house.
    Link had seen the Salesman in the Happy Mask Shop at Hyrule Castle Town, and there he posed much less of a threat, but Link still saw him as an unnatural being, as he was able to appear in any time or place at will. While he was remembering this and thinking, he came to the entrance of the village and there met a strange sight. Two fairies were darting in the direction of the Faron Woods. One was white, and he couldn’t recall the other’s color, though he assumed it was of little importance.
    He was now three days into the journey. He had met the Mask Salesman again, seen fairies where they didn’t belong, and had to battle many Stalchildren. This was not going as he would have expected it. While he was eating his morning meal, he could make out in the distance a little hut. What was it doing here in the middle of Hyrule Field? This made Link very suspicious. He thought that if Navi was here she would tell him not to go there. But he had already made a plan to head over there to see what it was all about.
    The walk was quick, and he left his camp set up because he was going back there after he saw what the hut was. He opened the door cautiously, and he saw no one in the hut. “Huh. Would have thought someone lives here.” He said to himself.
    Someone indeed did live there. Moments later, a fisherman entered his hut and saw that a little green-clad Hylian was occupying it. Startled, he fell back just as Link was exiting. Link, also startled, hurried to his campsite, thinking, “That was pointless” over and over.
    When he was done picking up camp, he set off. It was about eight in the morning.
    Several times Link stood looking at the scenery. Hyrule surely was a beautiful place. Far away to his right lay Lake Hylia, smooth as glass and glittering in the warm sun. Then across the field lay Lon Lon ranch. Link couldn’t even see the entrance, but he could see the high plateau on which it lay. Memories flooded him again as he looked around Hyrule Field, memories of Malon, Ruto, Ganon, well, that was not a nice memory, and he was especially reminded of Navi.
    He was very nearly there, only 3 days left now; he had traversed most Hyrule Field and he could see the entrance to Faron Woods far away.
    Nothing interesting happened over the course of the two days, and on the third, he came to a little graveyard not far from Faron Woods. He walked through it until he came to the tiniest gravestone. It had a thick coat of dust and grime on it. After wiping away most of the filth he made out: “Family of Link (for Link was also Link’s last name) 1 6 - 1 87.”
    Link looked on, stunned. Here lay his… family.

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1023 days ago
Hey sorry about the delay! I wrote this in third person because I forgot the person of the last part, oops! :)
How was it?
1024 days ago
(This is a fanfiction)